The wilds of HPS Park will soon be tamed

The wilds of HPS Park will soon be tamed

Last night the NYCEDC gave an update on HPSP, at a meeting held by the HPPC, here’s what was said.  Construction will start in late summer early fall and be completed in the 4Q of 2018.  The new addition to the park will be more ‘contemplative’ compared to the active one in the existing park.  Think the northern tip of Gantry Park versus the field, piers, and rainbow park of the southern end, but with a lot more trees and slopes, …and no Pepsi sign.  Other details include a toddler playground on a strip adjacent to a side street, and a boat launch for kayaks and my Cigarette.  Here’s what’s currently not included, but I think should be given the demographics of the neighborhood and where we’ll be in a few years: an older children’s playground.

I have been advocating for this for several years now, because once kids turn 6-7 years old, they get bored with existing playgrounds and have no other choices.  If you are of like mind, then please email the two project managers on the park with a simple message requesting they make adjustments and include it in their plans, as they are still looking for community input.

Brigid Keating:

Philip Strom:

Other than that this addition is going to be fantastic  In the words of the architect Tom Balsley, parks are where people with similar interests meet, whether it be on the playgrounds, playing fields, or at dog runs.

//The Folk Art Museum is having a free Block Party in LIC this Thursday, June 4 at there location on 47-51 33rd Street.  Melinda Katz, Jimmy Van Bramer; live performance by La La Brooks, former original lead singer of The Crystals (“Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Then He Kissed Me”); and refreshments from local food vendors. Eclectic Encore Studios will open their doors for guided tours and photo booth fun throughout the event.

Hunters Point South Phase 2see all the diagrams of our beautiful new park

Block Party LICthey had me at refreshments, but we also get Da Doo Ron Ron singer

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  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for posting the park plans! It’s exciting to see “Universally Accessible” playground equipment on page 15 & 16 of the PDF. If they could include some equipment appropriate for older kids and seniors (a truly multi-generational playground) that would be great. Three generations of a family could play together! Here’s a story about multi-generational playgrounds in Florida:

  2. Ro says:

    I think we need a skating boarding / bike park. It is tough to tell skate boarders not to use the current park when they have no place to go.

    • Amadeo Plaza says:

      The funny thing is that we actually kind of had an unofficial one in Court Square. There was a makeshift members-only indoor skatepark in the building that NYU Langone is now going to be building their medical center. You could hear them skating around at night time during the winter.

  3. Anna Sherman says:

    I think a legitimate running track would benefit people of all ages. the closest track is in williamsburg.

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