It's time for a world class playground for a world class park

It’s time for a world class playground for a world class park

So, Astoria is getting a $1 million dog run and Woodside is getting a $1.8 million renovation of their Big Bush Park.  Kudos to them.  Both projects seem to be much needed, even if there’s some question about the sizeable price tag on the dog park.   What they also received was a lot of community input on these two projects.  According to The New York Times article on the Astoria project:

“Once we have a designer on board and meet with the local community, that will drive the costs,” said Dorothy Lewandowski, the parks commissioner for Queens

The department will then hold a “scoping session” with neighborhood residents to discuss their preferences for the space.

As for the Woodside park renovation, the Queens Gazette quotes Lewandowski as proclaiming:

“Big Bush Park is a great example of community-led design in action, and we look forward to opening a new and improved space that reflects their vision.”

Then for good measure, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz adds:

“The design plans for the Big Bush Park project were in no small part due to the comprehensive input from the community, and is a perfect example of how residents can have a significant impact in beautifying our neighborhoods.”

With all that praise for community input, it leaves the question “Why weren’t the suggestions of LIC residents included in the final phase of Hunters Point South Park?”

//Dog Maul Update – we have met with the mother of the girl who was attacked.  Many of you have expressed concern and we have gotten quite a few leads.  None of them have been conclusive, and we believe the dog is still living with it’s owner, probably on Center Boulevard.

Despite the gravity of the child’s wounds, the parents  interactions with the authorities have been Kafkaesque, to put it mildly.  On behalf of the family, we have gotten in touch with someone we’re hoping can cut through the thicket of city bureaucracy, and are hoping there can be a satisfactory resolution to this sad incident, before we publish the full story.

//Are you a parent that likes a 6:1 student-to-teacher ratio, individualized learning experiences, and affordable tuition?  If so, check out the Queens Paideia School’s Open House on Saturday, October 17 from 10:30am to 1pm at their campus on 23rd Street in LIC.

A Dog Run in Queens With a Price Tag That Stuns: $1 MillionAstoria’s first ever is a dog park for millionaires

Van Bramer, Katz Unveil Woodside Playground Design“introduce new play areas for children of all ages”

Queens Paideia School – in LIC

8 of the Best NYC Neighborhoods for Dogs – irony of ironies, Hunters Point is named this week as one of only four in the outer boros

Micro Units Are Coming to QueensLIC to be exact.  We’re talking 450 sq. ft two-bedrooms!

Van Bramer to Mayor “No More Shelters in Dutch Kills” – how about no more rezoning/overcrowding too?

Free Admission to MoMA PS1 for All City Residents – now all the riff raff from places like Manhattan and Brooklyn will be coming to LIC.  So much for being a VIP in your own neighborhood

Queensboro Dance Festival Begins October 12 – thru Oct. 18 at the Secret Theatre in LIC


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