E & I Deli expansion, not quite ready for prime time

E & I Deli expansion, not quite ready for prime time

ROCKROSE has just launched leasing on the Hayden in Court Square.  Who/what/where is the Hayden?  It’s that just completed 50-story tower abutting dominating Jackson Avenue and 44th Drive1 across the street from the Citi building.

It’s 974 units are comprised of studio, 1-br, and 2-br apartments, which according to Curbed will range in price from $2,465 to $4,695.2.  It comes with all the typical amenities one would expect in a massive newly built tower, including a full-size basketball court – but no pool.

So we’ve shared the what/where, now the question is “Who is going to fill all those units?”  To entice people, Rockrose is offering a free month’s rent and a free year of premium cable and internet.  At those prices and given the recently available supply, my guess is it is going to take a greater incentive package to get to full occupancy in 2017 – somewhere between two months free rent and first-born.

50-story LIC Tower Debuts Rentals Starting at … –  should be interesting to see what retail goes into the base

Hayden LICcheck out the available units

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  1. technically the address is 43-25 Hunter Street, and even though that is probably where the entrance is, it will still be known for its Jackson Ave presence []
  2. Unless you won the affordable housing lottery for 195 of the 974, in which case rents start at $913 a month and come with a Jean Georges meal plan.  Just kidding …about the meal plan []
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