Drinking in the end of summer

Drinking in the end of summer

UPON returning from summering in Marthucket, I noticed  a heretofore very pregnant woman in my building pushing around a baby carriage.  ‘Oh, yet another one joins the ranks’ I thought to myself at this inane observation.  Yes, more babies keep coming to LIC (what does that even mean?), and on a per-capita basis it probably skews a little higher than citywide and nationwide, but it’s certainly not newsworthy.  Nevertheless, like my fellow journalists in the local news trenches, occasionally I’m forced to conjure something out of nothing to go to print.  Kinda like writing about a survey that finds people in LIC want more restaurants – D’uhh!  Of course they do, but if asked whether they want to invest their hard earned $ in opening a new restaurant in LIC my over/under is 1% saying ‘aye.’  Now that would be a newsworthy survey!  Anyway, as The Editor I promise to keep a leash on non-stories like these going forward.  As for restaurant ‘voters’ all I can say is capitalism has a way of supplying what’s really in demand, just wait until the first McDonald’s opens.

Cops, DEA Swarm House in NJ Connected to LIC Drug Raidthere were actually two raids going on simultaneously

Night at The Museum: Lumen Closing Party last chance to see this installation all lit up is tomorrow night

Astoria/LIC Ferry Launches With Hooplait brought out all the pols, local and less-so

NYC Ferry is Expanding Again, but Not Without Growing Painsdisplaces boathouse among others

Universal Pre-K w/ 180 Seats in Court Square Ready For Action This Fallaww, see the cute little pic of our councilman

East River’s Psychological Barrier Not Deterring Renters From LICthe LIC vs. Manhattan rent % differentials are a little off, but otherwise we concur and have been saying it for a long time

We Have to Talk About Gentrification in Long Island Citydo we?

The Decker on 44th Drive: Full Revealcool looking new loft-type building


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