Where all the horror begins

Where all the horror, and joy, begins

Every year at this time, I write that this week is the best one of the 52 to be a New Yorker1 and to live in Long Island City.  In 2015, it all collapses into a one-two punch weekend: Halloween on Saturday and the marathon on Sunday.

Adding to the excitement, this year we have the World Series in town our very own borough Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.  Sure, the Mets are down 0-2, but may I remind you that so were the Yankees in ’96.  Finally, to cap it all off, Daylight Savings Time commences Saturday/Sunday, so we get an extra hour of Halloween craziness followed by a gentler wake-up on Monday morning. Pretty amazin’.

Kids Halloween Parade – 1:30 gathering, 2pm start, in front of the 108th Precinct House on 50th Ave

NYC Marathon – Vernon Boulevard becomes likes a small-town version of First Avenue, but frenzied nevertheless. Be there by 10am if you want to see the elite runners, but most come later and the flow stays heavy until 2pm.  Here’s the official NYC marathon app for keeping track of your friends.

MoMA PS1 Halloween Partyrelive your Club Kid days. It’s only $15, one of the trendiest Halloween parties in NYC, and you can crawl home afterwards

Los Muertitos: Day of the Deadreally cool-looking all day event at the Court Square Studios on Halloween Day

5 Great Neighborhoods w/ a Quick Commute to the Financial Districtlocation, location, location. Wherever you’re going in Manhattan, LIC’s got it

Water’s Edge Restaurant Closesno surprise, but all those weddings scheduled?

  1. Boy I used to really be a decent writer.  I also once had a life.  What happened? []


  1. […] Those two events happening concurrently are affirmation enough that America is, was, and always will be great, saviors notwithstanding.  As a bonus, both celebrations are a harbinger of Spring, and in tandem compete fiercely for the best weekend of the year. […]

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