Amazon Is Coming to Town

“Cut-off fortresses are no fun for anyone”

THE highlights of this weeks HQ2 news, which continues to dominate the headlines in LIC, contrasts the manner in which another mammoth corporation came to the decision to greatly expand its work force in NYC.  In case you missed it, Google announced they are doubling their jobs here to 14,000 and adding more buildings in the West Village/Chelsea area to do so.  That news led to a lot of ink and jawboning about the lack of subsidies needed for Google to arrive at that decision, and more bashing of the Amazon deal and Bill de Cuomo.

Justified or not, I came to my own revelation this weekend in perusing the names of the 45 members of the Amazon Community Advisory Committee, many of whom previously had zero connection to the community in question: Long Island City.  How could the City/State have struck a deal with Amazon without including a Rec Center1 in Hunters Point – the neighborhood where HQ2 will be located?  The simple answer is that heretofore Brooklyn had been running Queens, and thus imposing their own vision without walking the beat.  Or just lazily cutting and pasting the perks in last year’s Plaxall rezoning request.  Of course the negotiators were able to expend considerable effort on the specifications needed to diffuse criticism of the helipad2.  Maybe little consideration of local requests were due to the City/State thinking everyone would be thrilled about winning HQ2?

It didn’t quite workout that way, and though I believe Amazon’s coming will be good for LIC and the protesters are a small (but vocal) minority, you need the locals to come on board and turn the tide.  I believe nothing will motivate them more to speak out in favor of the deal than announcing that a much needed rec center will be included.

Furthermore, by not building an Amazon employee-only gym 3 it will integrate (and ingratiate) Amazon employees into the neighborhood.  Probably not a bad idea for trillion dollar companies playing the long game.

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Questions Raised Over Plaxall Site in State Run Amazon Planbingo, this is the right location for the Hunters Point Rec Center

Amid Some Criticism, NYC/NYS Form Amazon Advisory Committee“Some”

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  1. and not just any rec center, one that is created to fully suit the needs of Hunters Point []
  2. though I doubt much deliberation on the request “Done!” []
  3. I mean really, wouldn’t it be an insult if Amazon built a pool/rec center solely for its own people? []
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  1. j rashnee says:

    You love that rec center idea

  2. JRo says:

    He is not the only one. This is something that the neighborhood needs because it caters to all different age groups.

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