Corner Bistro LIC Has Opened!

Like alot of tri-state boys, my dream growing up was to play for the Yankees and/or play lead guitar in a hard rock quartet(think Led Zeppelin, but of my own ilk).  Like alot of tri-state boys those dreams never quite materialized and slowly over the years I had to console myself with increasingly smaller dreams and achievements: Christie Brinkley, not to be, Debbie Harry circa 21st Century maybe.  Alot of that consoling was done at the other end of 12th Street from where I lived in the east village, the Corner Bistro.  Back then you could smoke in bars and hamburgers had yet to become the “it” culinary item.  Much has changed since those days, probably the least of which has been my moving out to LIC.  Then last summer I heard rumblings about the Corner Bistro opening its first outpost ever in LIC and upon seeing its green awning go up a month ago, I knew I had finally made it to the major leagues.Image

5 thoughts on “Corner Bistro LIC Has Opened!

  1. The Wizard of LIC says:

    This combined with the eventual opening of M Wells Steakhouse near the Citicorp building, will create an axis of red meat eating unparallelled in North America.

  2. Ilovelic says:

    This place rocks. The people are so friendly….. I can’t believe they came to LIC.

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