All this and the Stones in the background

All this and the Stones in the background

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Unlike directly across the East River, nothing really newsworthy occurred in Long Island City this week and I was pretty much resigned to publishing a single post with a photo and links to others tepid news.  Then I passed the Corner Bistro, and like Wimpy I couldn’t resist popping my head in for a burger, as it’s always been a magnet for me time immemorial.  Lo and behold what did I find – the classic joint had undergone a renovation.

Furthermore signs announcing “Corner Bistro Reboot” indicated a revamped menu would commence on October 1.  So I spoke with Elizabeth McGrath, daughter of the owners of the original Corner Bistro on West 4th Street, Bill & Lorraine O’Donnell.  She told me that in addition to the traditional and current hamburger-centric offering, the LIC location would be adding items to make it more like a conventional bistro.  Those will include Bolognese sauce, Chili-Pasta, and Shepherds Pie – all of which will use the Corner Bistro’s legendary chopped meat.  In addition steak frites, chicken marsala, and a portobello mushroom burger will be available, as well as some weekly specials.  Finally, there will also be milkshakes made with locally sourced ice cream and several dessert items including pie a la mode and ice cream sundaes.  Now the only quandary is do I go with the Sundae or get another beer?

West Village Original, Bill O’Donnellgreat interview w/ the recently passed owner of the Corner Bistro and his history w/ it

MTA to Add Trains to 7 Line During L Train Shutdownshould be interesting

Football Game Preview: Long Island City v. Information Tech a lot cheaper than a Giant game, a lot closer too

Breast Cancer Fundraiser/Block Party to Take Place in LIC on Sundaybouncy castles galore near the Oval

Inside Stickbulb’s First Showroom in Long Island Citythey ended up choosing to stay in Long Island City in part because of the location’s proximity to other manufacturers. “Our metal finishing, wood production, and powder coating vendors are all less than ten minutes’ drive from here,” says Beardsley. “Long Island City feels like home,” Greenberg adds. “We like that it’s a little bit off the beaten path; it suits our personalities.”


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