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All this and the Stones in the background

All this and the Stones in the background

“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Unlike directly across the East River, nothing really newsworthy occurred in Long Island City this week and I was pretty much resigned to publishing a single post with a photo and links to others tepid news.  Then I passed the Corner Bistro, and like Wimpy I couldn’t resist popping my head in for a burger, as it’s always been a magnet for me time immemorial.  Lo and behold what did I find – the classic joint had undergone a renovation.

Furthermore signs announcing “Corner Bistro Reboot” indicated a revamped menu would commence on October 1.  So I spoke with Elizabeth McGrath, daughter of the owners of the original Corner Bistro on West 4th Street, Bill & Lorraine O’Donnell.  She told me that in addition to the traditional and current hamburger-centric offering, the LIC location would Continue reading


Remember Where You Heard It First

There are a lot of major news organizations playing catch-up on the Corner Bistro LIC opening, and for that matter jumping on the Long Island City bandwagon in general.  As always they are a day, week, month, year, decade, or occasional century late.  I mean wouldn’t you just want to kill yourself if you had awakened this morning, read the Wall Street Journal, and found out that the Corner Bistro had opened up two friggin’ weeks ago?  Of course you would …well maybe not if you gave up meat for Lent, then actually you might be very happy to have been in an LIC-free cocoon, but I am a devil-worshipping carnivore who…  Ok, I’m getting distracted from all the other important LIC news that has accumulated since my week in St. Bart.  In addition to late-comers to the CB story I give you another addition to Vernon Boulevard, Astoria vs. LIC, and da G-train.  Plus a pic of our new High School going up on the water which I hear is going to be named after Jeremy Lin, remember where you heard it first!

Corner Bistro LIC – Eater.com 5 days later

Corner Bistro LIC – WSJ 13 days later

Douglas Elliman’s new LIC Office

Will Elliman’s New Office Succeed?

Astoria vs. LIC (I prefer Yankees vs. Red Sox)

G-Train closures?

Ridgemont High?  I think not!