Meanwhile at the other end of LIC

Meanwhile at the other end of LIC

A townhouse in Dutch Kills was just put on the market for $5.5 million according to a lengthy article about it in The Wall Street Journal.  A former Queens firehouse purchased in 1981 by the seller, it underwent a major expansion and renovation 10-15 years at a stated cost of roughly $1 million, which puts it in a class by itself among the old vinyl-sided housing stock, low-slung industrial buildings, and new hotels and apartment towers typical of the neighborhood.

The current owner, Megan Dees Friedman (and spouse), who has obviously seen a lot of changes to the neighborhood (and LIC), since moving in, purchased the home for $115,000 and was a former model back in the 60’s who worked with her triplet sisters. Per the WSJ, it would set a record for Long Island City if it sold anywhere near the asking price.  Will it?

//LIC Arts Open is open! Starting today and thru Sunday, check out the full schedule below.

//HOW about a pedestrian bridge between LIC and Greenpoint?  Sure, why not, but let’s start with a party for it.  A design firm is holding a kickstarter campaign kick-off party for just such a project tomorrow evening. Check out the details on the party and the concept in the link below.

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