Keep on running, it's almost over

Keep on running, it’s almost over

“Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

Jerry Garcia on why he doesn’t (didn’t) vote

THE NYC Marathon has come and gone and now it’s dark out when we leave work.  That means it’s time for middle school basketball!  What, you didn’t know there was a conveniently-located hoops program available for boys and girls in grades 6-8 in LIC in the winter?  That’s because heretofore there wasn’t, but starting next week (November 15) there will be.

It’s sponsored by the Long Island City Youth Sports League (LICYSL.org) and will be held at the Hunters Point Community Middle School Gym ((aka Academy for Careers in Television & Film, 1-50 51st Avenue)) on Center Boulevard on Tuesday nights from 7 – 8:30pm through April 4.

The cost is only $135 per child, but do not delay because there are a limited number of slots.  For more info please go to LICYSL.org or email licyouthsports@gmail.com

//POLITICS is like sports, there’s the slog of the regular/campaign season, the intensity of the playoffs/debates, the excitement and anticipation of the SuperBowl/World Series/____ Finals/Election Night1, and then a little sadness because, win or lose, it’s all over and we must get on with the rest of our lives.

Not this year.  Sure, we had a lot of slogging, intensity, anticipation, and probably revelations in lieu of excitement (few of which were really unexpected, except maybe to Melania), but no one will be sad that it’s finally concluded.

Some may be apoplectic or despondent, but definitely not nostalgic. While LICtalk’s choice for President ended up not doing a very good job of campaigning and had one slight blunder, we will republish the last lines of that endorsement, made mid-summer, in what came to be a prophetic statement:

“We believe that the more you get to know the man and his policies, the more you will come to think highly of him.  A sentiment that’s likely to be the opposite of increased contact with the two major party candidates as we march towards November.”

Middle School Basketball Registration & Infostarts next week!  For questions email licyouthsports@gmail.com

2016 LICtalk Presidential Endorsement tgio

Election Day Comethmy thoughts on the 2012 presidential election were also prophetic

Finalized New Street Plan for LIC Announced big changes around Vernon/Jackson for a start

LIC Aims to Manage Momentumsomething about keeping it all mixed-use, good luck

Pop-Up Korean Restaurant Opens on 50th Avein former RePubLic location, had been run out of Bricktown Bagels previously

Rendering Appears on Purves Street Triangular Lotspeak of the devil (last week), 11 stories and 49 units of irregularly-shaped bliss

  1. oh yeah, they also both have lots of commercials []

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