Next up for LIC on the Asian culinary tour is Takumen for Izakaya

Next up for LIC on the Asian culinary tour is Takumen for izakaya

First it was food trucks circa 2008, then came the M. Wells phenomenon in 2010, followed by pop-up restaurants in 2013.  Long Island City has been an incubator for several of these concepts, now might we be playing host to the latest fad in millennial dining – stealth restaurants?

KSFC has been operating at nights out of Bricktown Bagels on Vernon Boulevard since mid-December by our estimates.  Apparently the initials stand for Korean Style Fried Chicken, and a look at their menu indicates a whole slew of different ways to cook and prepare a bird.

In addition to a new food type being brought to the neighborhood, is the manner in which they opened – without so much as a peep, little or big.  Until a reader wrote me today about it’s suddenly showing up on delivery.com, I hadn’t heard a mention of it, nor had I encountered any info about it when I went into Bricktown.  When I asked a source who lives on the block, they had no idea about it either, other than to say he wondered why it was open late yet very quiet inside.

We both surmise that delivery is the main vehicle, and Yelp reviews and their Instagram feed indicate that as well.  Those reviews are pretty good, and they’re open seven nights a week from 6pm-midnight.  So check it out soon, before KSFC becomes the latest dining craze – you remember what happened after we broke the story about Mu Ramen coming to Long Island City?  Yet never forget where you heard it first, even if on LICtalk the eggs came before the chicken.

//Eating too much fried fowl lately?  Well if you’re looking for something a little healthier, registration for the Hunters Point CSA is now open.  Organic vegetables from Golden Earthworm farm are delivered to Alewife every Tuesday for members to pick up from May thru November.  For more info and registration, use the link below.

//The Hunters Point Park Conservancy does good work around the neighborhood.  An all volunteer force, they augment the Parks department in gardening and keeping clean both of our waterfront parks.  For that good work, NY State has awarded them a $12,000 grant for some aesthetic upgrades to Gantry State Park such as new red Adirondack chairs.  But in order for them to get that cash, they need to raise $1,800 in matching funds.  Now at three cents a word, I’m no financial whiz, but I know a great return when I see one.  That’s like doubling your money, and then doing it again, ..and maybe again.  So stick it to Janet Yellen and Ben Greenspan, donate today!

KSFC Instagram Feeddon’t view when hungry, delicious!

KSFC on Yelpehh who needs reviews, don’t be a chicken, decide for yourself

Hunters Point CSAeat mor vegetables

Support Hunters Point Parks Conservancyc’mon, you know you’re not going to get off your fat @$$ and actually help them by picking up a rake

Here’s a New Reason to Move to Queensa full look at 22-22 Jackson, the really cool just completed boxy building across from PS1.  Will beautiful architecture and an indoor pool be enough to fill the 182 rental units?  Leasing starts in April, LIC Glut?

We Must Come Together to Fix School Overcrowdingeditorial by long time CEDC 30 member Isaac Carmignani

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Chicken was soggy and certainty not the best I had. Go to KyoChon on 5th ave and 32nd. That’s what these folks are trying to accomplish.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, KyoChon or Bochon (next to KyoChon) is more authentic than KSFC. I think even Coo Coo Crisp Chicken at Dorian Cafe tastes better than KSFC’s.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not even in the same realm as the Korean Fried Chicken you’d get in NYC K-town. Soggy and overpriced, wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah really not in the same class…

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