Less bull, more buffalo in 2017

Less bull, more buffalo in 2017

THIS news is about two months old for any parent who signed up for a class, as for the rest of us it’s brand new: the Jessica Lang Dance Center that was supposed to open in LIC earlier this year, has been scrapped for it’s original location.  Per a note sent to parents on November 4:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have withdrawn our plans to locate at 5-39 46 th Avenue. We remain committed to our mission of opening the Jessica Lang Dance Center in Long Island City and hope to announce plans for an alternative site in the future”

Looks like all the hopeful ballerina’s, fly-girls, and other hoofers will have to find a new avocation …or location in 2017.

//CORRECTION and Update – we received a number of inbound missives about our misidentifying the Corner Bistro/Cassino site in our last post regarding the changes on Vernon Boulevard.  Apparently the adjacent buildings are wholly owned by the Anzalone family who operated Cassino out of both of them.  The Irish pub was actually located in the Alobar space according to an article forwarded to us.  It was called McReilly’s and had been their for 20 years before being unable to come to terms with their new landlord. Click the article below for more info on this subject.

Also, a reader forwarded us the NYC Building permits for the new construction across from the LIC Bar.  It will contain 23 residential units, 13 enclosed parking spaces, and retail along the ground floor.

//CHRISTMAS may be over, but I have a little gift for all of you: a 43% discount at the Crabhouse!  Yup, click the Groupon link below and start crabbing in the New Year.

Jessica Lang Dance to Put Down Roots in LICthe original NYT article last March announcing the center

Clock is Ticking for LIC Standby McReilly’s Pubtells of the demise of this well-liked spot

Seafood and Steak Cuisine for Two or Four at LIC Crabhousehoist a mug to LICtalk for your good fortune!

A Look Inside Toby’s Estate Coffee on Jackson AveBrooklyn based roaster expected to open this winter

PokeLICious Opens  – run by the owners of Korean Style Fried Chicken, which they will eventually serve in the night time

Armed Men Rob Victim of $400 on Vernon Boulevard in Front of Queensbridge Houses  – and in another universe

7-Train Ties for Top NYC Subway Line in Straphanger Surveyand over the next few years the city’s going to beat this horse down with throngs of new riders until it’s as bad as all the others

43-Story Tower Rises to 16th Floor on Northern Boulevardlike we can really keep them all straight

Tower Above Gets $150 Million Construction Loanwho says things have tightened …oh me

Cuomo & Bernie Come to LIC To Announce SUNY Colleges are Free*if you qualify.  Everyone else in NYS will still only have to pay only $6,500 a year, plus more in taxes to subsidize those now getting a free ride

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