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Less bull, more buffalo in 2017

Less bull, more buffalo in 2017

THIS news is about two months old for any parent who signed up for a class, as for the rest of us it’s brand new: the Jessica Lang Dance Center that was supposed to open in LIC earlier this year, has been scrapped for it’s original location.  Per a note sent to parents on November 4:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have withdrawn our plans to locate at 5-39 46 th Avenue. We remain committed to our mission of opening the Jessica Lang Dance Center in Long Island City and hope to announce plans for an alternative site in the future”

Looks like all the hopeful ballerina’s, fly-girls, and other hoofers will have to find a new avocation …or location in 2017.

//CORRECTION and Update – we received a number of inbound missives Continue reading

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