Side-by-side deli's - what's better?

Side-by-side deli’s – what’s better?

San Remo No mo'

San Remo No mo’

8-year itch!

8-year itch!


Roadhouse for the LIC Bar?

Roadhouse for the LIC Bar?

Commerce never sleeps, and despite it being the holiday season there is no respite from change along Vernon Boulevard.  Four addresses along the heavily trafficked southern portion have seen new activity during the latter half of December.

First of all, the Butcher Deli installed a new facade, indicating that the building will remain a retail storefront and not be torn down and combined with the construction project adjacent to it.

One block north, the former San Remo Pizza site just received a wooden barricade, announcing that this highly visible storefront is about to undergo renovation after being vacant for over six months.  Permits on the outside say the work being done is to the venting, hinting that this location will continue to be a restaurant of some sort.

Heading further up Vernon to #47-16, six months is a pittance compared to the 8+ years this storefront previously housing a cafe (w/ a pretty good Irish stew I was told) has remained mysteriously empty.  According to the ‘stew’ source, back in 2008 the landlord opted not to renew the previous tenant in the hopes of getting a much higher rent based on the all the new towers that had just been built and those that were imminently planned.

I’m not sure that hardball stand worked out very well, but it seems there’s been some capitulation as a homemade sign on the door indicates that it is back on the market as a possible restaurant site.1

The final location seeing activity, is the big corner lot across from the LIC Bar.  A backhoe, cement truck, and pile driver were simultaneously photographed on the plot, so this mixed-use building is underway.  Condos, rentals, restaurant, other?  Who cares when your main selling point is a bar with live music next door.  Now the only question is what other storefronts on Vernon will undergo change in 2017?

  1. Don’t let previous listings for 47-16 Vernon fool you, they were errantly marked ’47-16′ but instead referred to the former ‘Cassino’ restaurant site, which is now the Corner Bistro and is actually 47-18 Vernon.  Interestingly enough, this corner location was listed for $8,000 a month way back when CB snagged it []
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post. I left LIC a month ago, and this is really helpful.

  2. Nancy says:

    at 47-16, the property owner ran the previous restaurant. Don’t think he threw himself out by charging himself higher rent.

  3. Nancy says:

    The former Cassino restaurant expanded over 2 lots — 47-16 and 47-18. The owner owned both lots and ran the restaurant. When he closed the restaurant, he eventually leased out 46-18 to Corner Bistro but kept the second lot for himself.

  4. DD says:

    LOL, Irish Stew? I think not. It was an Italian pastry and espresso cafe opened by the landlord/owner of attached building and Cassino Restaurant. He adjoined both business.
    I think the Irish Stew was a joke on you. LMAO.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I seem to recall the posted paperwork on the lot across from LIC Bar saying it was going to be a seven- or eight-story structure. Seems a little tall for Vernon.

  6. […] The build-out of Vernon Boulevard continues as an Argentinian restaurant called ‘R40′ is coming into the old Cassino space at #47-16 next to The Corner Bistro.  Needless to say I don’t expect this to be a spot for vegetarians or even pescaterians as Argentinian food is heavily skewed to grilled meats.  In fact even porkatarians might be disappointed as beef is the overwhelming staple of the people of the Pampas. […]

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