Ir a los bifes Che

Ir a los bifes, che

The build-out of Vernon Boulevard continues as an Argentinian restaurant called ‘R40’ is coming into the old Cassino space at #47-16 next to The Corner Bistro.  Needless to say I don’t expect this to be a spot for vegetarians or even pescaterians as Argentinian food is heavily skewed to grilled meats.  In fact even porkatarians might be disappointed as beef is the overwhelming staple of the people of the Pampas.

As for the name of the restaurant, it seems to be a road that runs throughout the whole country, but I’ll let Wikipedia fill in the details for the geography fans.

//WHILE we’re on the topic of “Former red sauce joints on Vernon Blvd,” we hear that the old Junior’s space is asking $15k a month.  It’s a big corner location, but a little off the beaten path.  Stay tuned to LICtalk to find out what’s coming to this space.

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