Hittin' the road

Hittin’ the road

I got to get away
Feel I got to get away
Oh oh oh yeah

Marbella, Mykonos, Nantucket, Newport, or even Atlantic City, the place to be is anywhere but roasting in LIC.  Sure there’s still news happening locally, but it’s covered by the B-team, as I make my way through all of the above.

//Whatever happened with last week’s rape allegations in Gantry Park? – beats me and there’s been zero information since, but you can ask about it yourself at the:

Public Safety Meeting open to all next Tuesday, August 16th at 7PM in the Citylights Building. 108th Precinct Captain John Travaglia, Hunters Point South Park Manager Norman Chan along with city and state parks department police representatives will be present.
The meeting is being sponsored by the Hunters Point Civic Association and Hunters Point Parks Conservancy and comes after reports of a sexual assault last month in Gantry State Park.
New ‘Fifth Hammer’ Brewery & Tap Room to Open in Hunters Pointon 46th Avenue w/ an expected opening in early 2017. Fifth Hammer and also the fifth brewery in LIC.  Too much of everything is just enough!
NYC Buildings with Communal GardensNYT story featuring the rooftop garden on top of Hunters Point South affordable housing building
Big Expansion to Number of Pre-K Seats in Hunters Pointtrailers to be placed in Plaxall lot, might truncation follow?
IAC Takes 8,000 Sq Ft in Zipper Building“asking rent in the transaction was $46 per square foot”
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