Blossoming in LIC, but no cherries

Blossoming in LIC, but no cherries

WHAT’S up with all the last minute weekend 7-train closures this year? According to The Wall Street Journal it’s due to the new head of the MTA’s mandate to modernize the signal system ASAP.  This seven year project was supposed to be completed June 30, but then got delayed until November. ‘Nooo’ said the commish to the contractor, get it done now even if it means we gotta close the line to do so.  That’s your answer.

//3-BEDROOM in New Deluxe LIC Building for $4,900 should have been the headline.  What’s more that building is The Jackson, one of the first ultra high-end condo projects in LIC.  Even with a glut of apartments, $4,900 seemed a little low for a unit of this size and caliber.  But there it was in a recently pulled (January) listing on Streeteasy (see below), and the pics reveal not only the high-end furnishings of a new condo, but also a decent view and a balcony.  I’m not sure if this is an accurate level for all similarly sized new(ish) rental properties and thus an indication of how far down we’ve come, but reasonably priced apartments are out there if you search a little further than the turn-key ease of the big developers, and you may have to pay a brokers fee.

Also in regards to The Jackson, I was surprised that almost 30% of the condo units have been put up for rent in the short time the building has been opened.  Currently there’s only one listing, but at $9,500 for a high-ceilinged 4-bedroom with a large terrace facing the city in a very nice new building, I’ve gotta believe it’s a lot more apartment than you can get in Manhattan for that price.

7-Line Upgrade Means More Delays – “He believes that riders would prefer more outages if it means they get the new system — and better service — sooner. He thinks that could be achieved by the end of the summer.”

Video About the 7-Train Delays – no popcorn though

Couple Snags Sweet LIC Apartment and Placement In NYT Articleand a washer & dryer in apartment too!

See The Apartment AboveI think

See All the Inventory at The Jackson LICpast and present

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Van Bramer Checks Out Hunters Point Library“the pace of that work is unsatisfactory to me and to the people of Long Island City,” Van Bramer said

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