Basketball, a game your kids can play for life - just look at these old-timers!

Basketball, a game your kids can play for life – just look at these old-timers!

The 2nd Annual LIC Hoops Kids Basketball Tournament sponsored by Gantry Plaza State Park will be held on Sunday, June 3 at the outdoor courts on 48th Avenue between Vernon Boulevard and Fifth Street.  There is no cost to participate and it is open to all kids, that means boys and girls! from 1st grade up to and including age 17, but there is limited availability.

The tentative schedule is:

9am –   Boys Grades 1 & 2 on the small court; Boys Grades 3 & 4 on the big court

10am – Girls Grades 1 & 2 on the small court; Girls Grades 3 & 4 & 5 on the big court

11am –  Middle School & High School games

Click here for details and sign-up and contact with questions.

All kids will need to have a signed waiver from their parent.  If you don’t plan on being in attendance with your child, please get a waiver beforehand from the Gantry Plaza State Park ranger station and make sure your child has it on day of tournament.

//YES, the 2nd Annual LIC Hoops Men’s Basketball Tournament will be the day before (Saturday, June 2) in the same location from 9am-1pm.  It is already sold-out.

//WHAT’S Behind the Door: There are so many interesting businesses occupying the innocuous-looking industrial buildings in Long Island City.  We have highlighted many of these enterprises over the years. Some are fascinating in their old-fashioned utilitarian mundacity – they have to be located somewhere, right?  While others ply niches newly created.  Today we share a pair of articles in the former category – a commercial sushi maker for Whole Foods etc. and a leather rejuvenator – and add a link to a map to their exact location, which also allows one to also see the actual building housing them.

Secret Behind Louboutins: This Family Business Protects the Red Solesaka The Leather Spa in Long Island City

Leather Spa Location in LIC22-19 41st Ave

Where Target Gets Its Surprisingly Good Sushiin LIC of course (in NYC anyway)

Genji USA Location48-55 36th St. LIC = 4 blks east of City Ice Pavilion

New Rental Building Brings 94 Apartments to Dutch Killsthat would be 94 MORE apartments

Public Hearing For Controversial 2-Tower Air-Rights Swap Project49-story & 25-story for a total of 481 additional units built out of thin air, oh my!

Pedestrian Bridge Between LIC & Greenpoint Needs Your Helpmore renderings

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