Ahh summer, when the kale is as high as a young lady's thigh.  In Queens anyway

Summer, when the kale is as high as a young lady’s thigh – in Queens no less!

The Court Square Blog has uncovered permits for the lot at 21-16 44th Drive that link to a developer named Alan Lapes who’s made a very profitable living operating homeless shelters for NYC.  Though it’s only slated to be 29 units and 44th Drive has a bit of a gritty feel to it, I’m sure the 75 condo owners in The Industry across the street are less than thrilled.  As are probably the owners of other buildings and lots along 44th Drive hoping to develop or sell to those looking to convert it to a more upscale pocket.

//Staying on topic with real estate, Bisnow, a commercial real estate site and conference organizer, held their annual LIC RE powwow today and several interesting tidbits were revealed:

-David Maundrell, the president of, whose firm is marketing QLIC on Queens Boulevard, shared that there has been a tremendous absorption since they started leasing four weeks ago, with 150 rental units already spoken for out of 421 available.  40% of their tenants are coming from Queens, 40% from Manhattan, and 20% elsewhere, especially out of state.

-The Factory, the new loft like building in Court Square that’s in the very early stages of construction, is courting foreign buyers as well as locals.  Rick Rosa, the head of Douglas Elliman’s LIC office, revealed that their international marketing partner, Knight Frank, has secured three sales out of Singapore.

-Finally, I’ll leave you with two comments from Sam Charney, who’s developing a medium-sized condo project near MoMA PS1.  “LIC is a poor man’s Dumbo or Tribeca” and he’s heard that Starbucks has inked a lease for their first LIC location…

//Hey, Hey We’re The Beatles – It was 50 years ago today, that The Beatles came to play at Shea.  Though they never went out of style,  even little ones are guaranteed to smile.

Well it was actually 50 years ago this past Sunday since the historic concert by The Beatles at Shea Stadium.  While the show’s impact on the music business was almost immediate, it took Queens another 40 or so years to catch up.  But we’re there now!

A Permit Pre-filed for 21-16 44th Drive Site Calls for 8-Story Hotelthey weren’t thrilled in Carroll Gardens about this developers arrival

For Some Landlords, Real Money in the Homelessthe city’s ineptitude is part of the problem

The Beatles 1965 US Tour“Over 55,000 people saw the Beatles at Shea Stadium. We took $304,000, the greatest gross ever in the history of show business.”  The beginning of the end for Archie Bunker.

The Beatles Tour Reminiscence in Astoria“yo dude, I was the first person ever to hold up my lighter at a concert …and now I’m still the last”

Tallest Tower in NYC Outside of Manhattan to Go Up in LICnew renderings revealed of this previously announced 70+ story residential building.  Will be the 12th highest in the city if completed.

Sutton Place Mega Tower Runs Into Local Oppositionneedle tower on 58th Street by East River planned – think Trumpesque or Macklowe skyline marring

Hologram of Above Towerjust south of bridge

O’Connor Closes Sale of 47th Avenue lot to City Universityaka the back half of the Maximilian, CUNY could build 6-stories and house 200 units

Sweetleaf Opens in Greenpointjust as we get word of LIC’s first Starbucks, our home grown cafe skips across the bridge and will also roast their own beans there

Unfringed Festivalat the Secret Theatre from Aug. 18 – 30.  Might there be nudity?  You’ll have to go see for yourself at this alternative-ish festival

Miss Queens To Be Crowned Next Month in LICwhile we’re on the subject of nudity, I mean the Secret Theatre, they’ll be holding the Miss Queens Pageant there next month


  1. Queensie says:

    There goes the neighborhood, in duplicate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m thinking that Starbucks is going into the new development next to the subway on Vernon. Only Starbucks would pay the premium for

  3. ? says:

    …a location like that.

  4. Court Square Resident says:

    Is the homeless shelter 100% happening? Anyone have more information?

  5. LIC Gal says:

    Can we fight the homeless shelter? We need to improve the quality and safety of 44th, not further diminish it.

    • Anon says:

      We need to get the rest of the community involved. Let the brownstone owners know this is right in their backyards.

  6. Fairly certain it won’t be a homeless shelter. Too expensive to build ground up for the funds the city will give on a per square foot basis. Therefore, this article has details the seem more fitting in this current environment.

  7. Anon says:

    I am sorry, it cannot be trusted. As mentioned in numerous places, Amsterdam Hospitality is tied to the landlord who owns the homeless shelters. They are calling it a hotel as a guise.

  8. […] but otherwise it sounds pretty much the same.  Make the effort to take the walk, otherwise the StarDunk duopoly will consume […]

  9. Anonymous says:

    Have to say as a resident of a building directly across from where this homeless shelter is being proposed, I am not exactly thrilled. We don’t have a ton of homeless folks in Long Island City as it is, and this will bring more to the area. Don’t get me wrong, I have intense compassion for these people and believe that the homeless shelter situation in NYC is horrific, but this isn’t the right location.

  10. […] Hmm, that’s a little weird. I mean I can understand being a full-time resident at say, a Four Seasons hotel, but mingling daily with the flow of Courtyard patrons – a bit declasse for Western Queens, no?  Anyway, the hotel will also bring the first Starbucks to LIC. […]

  11. Megan says:

    Hasn’t there been a Starbucks in the Citibank building for about a decade?

  12. Just stopped in to the Courtyard – there is no Starbucks establishment there.

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