Manhattan Henge and all that comes with it is coming - as is summer

ManhattanHenge is coming – summer too

A 31-story Marriott hotel containing a Starbucks opened today in Queens Plaza across the street from Dutch Kills Green.  Ok, ok, it’s actually a Courtyard by Marriott, but according to NY Yimby it is the largest hotel building in Queens and one of the city’s largest hospitality establishments outside of Manhattan.  Yet even that may be a little misleading, because even though it has 160 rooms, it will also contain 135 residences.

Hmm, that’s a little weird. I mean I can understand being a full-time resident at say, a Four Seasons hotel, but mingling daily with the flow of Courtyard patrons – a bit declasse for Western Queens, no?  Anyway, the hotel will also bring the first Starbucks to LIC.

//ManhattanHenge 2016 Dates Announced – oh silly, the dates for this bi-annual event aren’t actually announced by say, some official body or the date fairies.  They are an act of God, as ManhattanHenge occurs at the time of year when the sunset aligns perfectly with the grid of Manhattan.  As such the phenomenon incorporates a back to nature ritual where women dance naked around the Gantries.  Thus a horde of amateur photographers descends upon the LIC waterfront to document the ceremony.

Though LIC old-timers occasionally share stories of human sacrifice way-back-when, ManhattanHenge is now safe for kids as this practice was eliminated in 2009 when Netflix became a sponsor.  Oh yeah I almost forgot, this year it will occur on May 29-30 at 8:12 pm, and July 11 & 12 at 8:20 pm.  Which brings me to the point I was trying to make in hearing this news: summer is just around the corner!

//Confirming the thought above, the 2016 line-up for MoMA PS1’s Warm-Up Series was announced today.  Yet another outdoor dance party where nothing says summer like clothing optional.  As always, it’s free to LIC residents and here’s an encapsulation of this hedonistic event.

//New York On Location – this Sunday, May 22 from 11am-5pm the Museum of Moving Image and Kaufman Studios are holding a day-long, family-friendly street fair that offers a behind-the-scenes look at film production in New York.  Best of all it’s free, as is admission to the museum that day.

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  1. Megan says:

    There’s already a Starbucks in the Citibank building.

    • Jp718LIC says:

      It’s not really a Starbucks. They are an independent carter that just serves Starbucks coffee. Don’t believe me? Try to use a Starbucks card or iPhone app to pay there. (You can’t)

  2. Jp718LIC says:

    Carter=Cafe. Damn auto-correct.

  3. Just visited the lobby to check out Starbucks – there was none. :-/

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