…and a little art and partying too.

No photo this week, I do not want to distract from all the beautiful art around town.  Nor from the beautiful people, such as I, who follow it.  Unfortunately, if you are like me, you spent the whole week on the phone pestering your broker for shares of Facebook and thus did not get the chance to see much art.  Fear not, for they have saved the best part for last, The Arts Party, and you have not missed a thing as it is TOMORROW:

LIC Arts Open is hosting a Block Party Saturday May 19th from noon to 6pm. As part of our weeklong arts celebration this is the busiest, and I repeat, busiest day of the entire LIC Arts Open. We’re blocking off the entire block of 22nd St. from 43rd to 44th Aves. and throwing a huge party for Queens!

Oh, and in case you were enraptured by all the art in town and didn’t know it, there is also a comedy festival going on in the neighborhood.  Judah Friedlander popped in last week.  Continuing on in the LIC party mindset, MoMA PS1 has announced the preliminary details of their Saturday Warm-Up Series.  If you have never attended one of these, think 21st Century Studio 54 egalitarian hipster extravaganza, and you LIC residents, are the VIP’s: flash your creds and you are whooshed in gratis past the throngs at the velvet rope!  For a different type of partier, there is news that the strip club at the bottom of the Queensboro Bridge ramp on 21st Street will open May 31st.  I doubt you will see anyone actually from LIC there, just those Bridge and Tunnel types from Manhattan, or maybe tourists from all the new hotels opening in the area as seen in the next article.  One thing I can tell you about the denizens of the new strip club, whoever they may be: they won’t be going there for the $10 Steak, Egg, and Mimosa meal deal.  Finally two new big commercial real estate deals to report, one has an interesting provenance and the other is being purchased by the owners of Chelsea Market.

In summary: Arts MECCA, Comedy CENTRAL, Studio 54 VIP, Hotel STRIP Club, Chelsea Market LIC?

Them’s the facts, and taking a lyric from my last post:  There’s something happening here!

Stars Compete In LIC

MoMA PS1Warm Up Info

The Show Will Go On At Controversial LIC Strip Club

LIC Becomes Tourist Hotspot After Hotel Building Boom – a rehash, but good interactive map

Former Model-T Plant Rolls to Market

Jamestown to Buy LIC Building for $80 Million

9 thoughts on “JUST THE FACTS MA’AM

  1. Ally says:

    I think the Block Party ends at 5pm not 6, so don’t be late.

  2. Mandy says:

    YAY! Just the post I needed neighbor – thanks!
    Little Maison Giveaway!

  3. LL says:

    Reminder: Friends of Hunters Point Library organizational meeting this Tuesday night, May 22nd at St. Mary’s Parish Hall 6:30pm. 10-08 49th Avenue at Vernon Boulevard. Want to have input into the new library being built in Hunters Point? Here is your chance.

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