Still a little grit left in this town

Still a little grit left in this town

Lots going on in the neighborhood, and yet little is.  I can’t help but yawn in reading how rents in LIC leveled off this past summer.  We predicted that four months ago, and pinpointed exactly why.  You can even click thru and see what we think is coming next in Long Island City real estate.

Oh well, what’s a reader to do – other than keep their eyes peeled here for additional intuitive musings.  Just don’t ask me who’s going to win the 6th at Belmont tomorrow.

//My attraction to baseball has waned considerably in the last decade, and if I’m not mistaken, my allegiance at that time was to a team in the Bronx.  Now that I’m living in Queens, I’ve been sympathetic to all those I’ve encountered on the 7-train sporting the apparel of, and trudging out to see, the hapless team at the end of the line.  This fall, in tandem with the accolades given to it throughout 2015, the borough is crackling with excitement.  So add me to the newly converted1.


At ‘Greater New York’, Rising Art Stars Meet the Old Schoolthe NYT reviews MoMA PS1’s 2015 recurring half-decade round-up of local art

New Landscaped Roofs That Encourage Residents to Stay Awhilefeaturing 4545 Center Blvd’s

Opening of Hunters Point South Drives LIC Rents Downcollective yawn

Japanese Restaurant to Open on 50th Ave, Near Precinct Housethe fourth local Japanese restaurant to open recently

Progress on Pulaski Bridge Bikewaysee pics

A New Market in LICdon’t get too excited, it’s in the Falchi Building, but we’ll take it (scroll down)

Juice Chain ‘Organic Avenue’ Dries Upit’s production center is in LIC and will be closing.  Fortunately it’s competitor, Juice Generation, is not closing – it too is based here, on 47th Rd

Extra 7-train Service for Mets vs. Cubs This Weekendincluding a vintage train!

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