It's BBQ time!

It’s BBQ time!

Part of my job as the editor of this rag, is to curate all the happenings in Long Island City, as I can’t write about everything.  After my lengthy rant about HPS earlier in the week, I’ve decided to highlight only one event today.  While it doesn’t occur for another month, it requires you to sign-up and possibly prepare. 

The Tour De Queens is a 20-mile bike ride through the greatest county in the world.  It costs only 20 bucks to enter, and lasts roughly three hours.  Pretty simple right?  That’s what we’re here for.  Enjoy the beautiful weekend.

Tour De Queens7th annual Queens bike ride is Sunday July 6.  No better way to see the boro.  19 miles long, sign up here.

Something New for the LIC Art Worldit’s the Emerging Artists Festival we told you about last week.  Not a lot of info, but when you combine secrecy and emerging artists it’s usually code for a lot of nudity.  Or that’s my plug for it anyway.

Google in Talks to Buy LIC’s Songzawow, that’s a great start to someone’s weekend!

Long Island City Sure is Tastya review of Tuesday’s Taste of LIC

New Awning Comes in On Di Falco on 44th Drivenew restaurant by former employees of Il Mulino, must be getting close

Avonte’s Family Files Suit for $25 millionno surprise there

A Holiday Inn in LIC Hits The Market for $59 milno surprise there

Shroom w/ a View; PS1’s Summer Installationfunky art work at PS1?  No surprise there.


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