We are the  world, We are the children... LIC...

We are the world, We are the children…

One would think that Long Island City was the ‘center of the universe’ based on all the coverage it received in The New York Times this past weekend.  Of course that’s an honorific LICtalk has repeatedly been bestowing on this town since we began publication, 160 years after the ‘Gray Lady’.  Despite the Times incumbency, we were able to wrest the scoop of a book store coming to Court Square from a lengthy piece on the neighborhood it put out a day later.  That article detailed the tremendous growth the neighborhood is experiencing, something we’ve been writing about ad nauseam for well over a year.  The main difference in the two publications is that we don’t get drop-of-a-hat access to anyone named Elghanayan nor do we get exclusive scoops dropped in our lap – we have to fight for every scrap.  Other than that I’d say we’re identical in every way, ex a few Pulitzers.

One recurring date on which we refer to LIC as the ‘center of the universe,’ is the Fourth of July.  That is if the fireworks are held on the East River.  For 2017 that decision has still not been rendered, and while other publications not-so-anxiously await the press release/function announcing it, it’s only here at LICtalk that we understand the gravity of this verdict.  That is because for many residents, it’s the linchpin for the rest of their summer plans.  Anyway, it’s getting late in the calendar for the announcement, so stayed tune here…

Long Island City Grows Ever Skywardyup, we know

Growing Up In, and Outgrowing, Manhattanarticle #2 featuring LIC in the Times this weekend

Sharing an Apartment With Strangers in LICarticle #3 and it’s about the 400+ unit co-living development being built in Queens Plaza

Griffin Townhouses Bring the Pricey ‘Townhouse-in-Condo’ Thing to Hunters Point5 units starting at $2.175 mil

Con Ed Transformer Failure Causes Oil Slick on East RiverSunday afternoon it supposedly reached LIC

N Line To Shut Down Between LIC & Astoria for 8 Weekends this Summerhow will Astorians get to Shea?

A Master Shoemaker Perfected His Craft in LICsome olde tymey stuff


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