The big kick-off at the 48th Ave Basketball Courts.  Courtesy Nick Knight

The big kick-off at the 48th Ave Basketball Courts. Courtesy Nick Knight

THE words in the headline above were recently uttered (or is it proclaimed?) by a very wise man, transcribed by an illustrious writer, and published in a highly esteemed journal.  Who am I to doubt that it’s not so?

//NOTHING is more boring than a story about something that might happen 2+ years from now, even if it’s highly probable. The L-train is shutting down in 2019, and therefore the MTA is doubling the size of the trains currently running on the G-line and doubling the frequency.  This is being done to shuttle more people to other subway stations with river crossing points, most significantly LIC.  2019 also happens to be about the same time that the huge surge of construction in LIC will be completed.  Thus the day of reckoning for Tokyo-style commuting in Long Island City is about 2.3 years away.

//IN the hopes of alleviating this, City Hall announced the new additional ferry site in LIC will be, as expected, at the northernmost tip of Gantry State Park. AM New York cites estimates from the City that the new landing “will serve 4,000 riders a day.”   That may turn out to be correct if many commuters opt not to endure the ‘crush.’

//ANYONE who’s eaten at Manducati’s Rustica, is probably familiar with the photos of famous actor’s, actresses, and model’s. Unlike those in a typical red-sauce joint, these pictures are anything but standard head-shots with some greeting inscribed to the proprietor.  Instead, many of them are literally objects of art, and they were taken by a highly regarded photographer and LIC resident by the name of Tony Vaccaro.

There is a great profile/pictorial on Tony in the weekend WSJ and it’s a quick and fascinating viewing.  If it piques your interest, you might want to drop by Manducati’s Rustica and take a closer look at the photos – who knows, there’s even a good chance you’ll see Tony there in the flesh, as he’s a regular.

Attention Hopheads: Your Perfect Beer Crawl in Long Island CityI resemble that remark

Shutdown of L-Train to Bring Traffic Changes to NYC Drivers“We got to replace 250,000 rides a day. That’s an enormous burden to lift,”

LIC’s Fast Ferry to Land in Gantry Plaza State Parkthis will be a separate, direct route to 34th Street, and not tied to the LIC ferry stop further south

Exposing a Life, From WWII to the West Villageoh, and HBO will be airing a documentary on Tony starting November 11

Socrates Sculpture Park Celebrates it’s 30th Anniversary With It’s First Permanent Buildingwill there be a snack bar in it?

Feds Investigating City Hall Over Water’s Edge Restaurant Dealingsand of course now the city is going to have a huge tower built on it

Jackson’s Restaurant to Replace Station LICwill pretty much look the same and serve comfort food

In Queens, Residential Development is Fueling Commercial DemandTishman residents, meet Tishman occupants

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