Madame has arrived

Madame has arrived

A new restaurant called Madame Jade is coming into the former Crabhouse site at 2-03 Borden Avenue in Long Island City.  Or maybe it’s a new theme as the owners behind its two previous recent iterations – the Skinny’s Cantina crew – give something they term “Modern Asian” a go.  According to the website and invitation (see below) this will be “a unique twist of delicious American fun fare with classic Asian fusion flavors” which will include General Tso’s Chicken and Waffles, Red Curry Skirt Steak Tacos, Korean Hot Chicken Sandwiches, Beef Bulgogi Bao Buns, and Tuna & Toro Rolls.  Though the website refers to the cuisine as “contemporary Southeast Asian with a new age vibe” those latter three items seem more of a Far East nature – but who am I to say having received a C- in 6th grade geography.  The culinary shift north and east might be a desire to differentiate itself from its counterpart at the other end of Center Boulevard – Shi.

A peek inside this week seems to indicate that there won’t be many alterations to the interior from the space’s previous stint as The Loft and the Crabhouse.  The open, white, sleek feel continues in contrast to the whimsically cluttered look of the old Crabhouse.  Also the chef, Lee Knoeppel, has worked in restaurants in NYC and the Hamptons including a stint with Tom Colicchio according to his profile.  So like most restaurants it sounds like it will be a work-in-progress right up until opening day.  Which is something you’ll be able to check out next Wednesday, August 1, when they hold a Grand Opening party offering a free drink!  Check out the link below to sign up for the offer.

Madame Jade in LICcheck out the menu and other details

Chef Lee Knoeppel Profileand pic

Grand Opening Invite for Madame JadeAugust 1, register and get a free drink

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  1. DRLIC says:

    1. who thinks this is going to work? jesus christ
    2. the name sounds like a place that specializes in happy endings

  2. JK says:

    Same crap it’s been before, and at all their restaurants. The menu items themselves sound interesting, but the chef has been at exactly one place before (that Craftbar/Colicchio bit on his rez? That’s an externship) and a whole lotta food reality shows. Oh, and the link for the opening doesn’t work. Seems appropriate

  3. MR says:

    Wishing them lots of luck and success! Running a restaurant is not an easy task, sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right! The atmosphere is awesome, if food and service are up to par this should be a win!

    Hoping they get valet parking!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Why don’t they or someone please do an “updated” version of CrabHouse? That place was incredible and so many people miss it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    People are really stupid.
    It doesnt have to BE the crab house, but have something similar. During the months of May – September give people a reason to come to the neighborhood and have a pint and walk to the park. No ‘lounge’, No ‘fusion’. just a bar with music…with some easy food.
    Like the crab house in greenpoint or the crab shack in redhook.
    get the roof open and give people a view of the city.
    these people have no creativity.
    just same generic bullxxit catch phrases.

  6. DR says:

    I would agree that the old Crab House was awesome, and they should just replicate it. Charge under $30 for a good prime rib and sides. The last 2 places lacked character, service, and originality, and charged way too much, with competition (Manhattan) oh so close….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Skinny’s has awful food and this place needs to fix their menu page. It reads that the Modern menu is made by a “Caucasian Chef”… What in the world does THAT mean?

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