Live from the Oval, it's...

Live from the Oval, it’s…

Brexit quickly took a backseat and I put Soros on hold early this morning upon receiving a text from a reader containing the photo above.  They were informing me that there was a stage being set up for the July 4th preshow for this year’s Macy’s Fireworks.  According to the LIC Post Meghan Trainor “is expected to arrive at the park at around 5pm with taping planned to take place in the early evening.”

Now before you get too excited, last year’s preshow taping by Flo Rida and Robin Thicke consisted of two songs played over and over.  Plus, they cordoned off the front section and brought in Macy’s ringers to act like rabid fans.  Sheesh, at least Bernie gave us an hour of his shtick and kept the VIP’s backstage.  So unless you like to see how the sausage is made…

Oh yeah, according to the Macy’s website, Kenny Chesney is also supposed to be playing “Live” on July 4.  No word whether his stint will be tonight or another.

//Middle School – whether PS78Q truncates or not, it’s never too early to start angling little Fauntleroy’s academic career path towards Harford.  According to a story in DNA Info, a select number of public middle schools comprises the bulk of attendees at the city’s top high schools (pretty simple logic that).  Number one in the rankings is Western Queens own PS 122 Mamie Fay (Astoria), also in the top tier was the Baccalaureate School in northern LIC.  Now the big question for parents to answer is where will Hunters Point Middle School be in a few years?

//Free Yoga, Free Volleyball – not only is it free, but it’s outdoors!  Volleyball occurs every Friday evening between 6-8pm on the sand in back of LIC Landing.  Vinyasa Yoga class every Monday night at 7pm on the Oval led by Melissa Otero, and free yoga on the Gantry Pier on select Sunday mornings as instructed by The Yoga Room.(click below for details)  The next thing you know they’ll be offering free music in the park …but not tonight.

About the Macy’s Fourth of July Showlists performers

Meghan Trainor to Take the Stage in LIC Tonightmehh

These Are the Middle Schools With the Highest Performing Students“60 percent of all seventh graders who went on to the elite specialized high schools also came from these 45 middle schools”

Proficiency Level at Each NYC Public Middle School read’em and weep

Yoga in the Parkclick here for dates and times on Gantry Pier

City’s Bid for Taller Towers Blockedas legislative session comes to an end.  “Long Island City, and other areas of the city, has been saved from even taller and wider towers than the ones currently under construction.”

Report Says Recent College Grads Should Move to Astoria for Affordable Housingit’s also got the ways and means

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  1. […] //In the ‘living-off-the-fat-of-the-land’ category, we give you more More Free Yoga. One can now sport the spandex and the rolled up mat across the back down at the Oval this summer on Wednesday mornings at 7am and Thursday evenings at 7pm, in addition to the days/dates we previously provided. […]

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