Oh, my husband could use a cut

Oh, my husband could use a cut

One of the good things about living in a multicultural borough, and writing for a backwater little-read publication, is the liberties one can take with language.  Take the headline above, I was one letter over the maximum that Google search allows for a headline and fretting over what to eliminate, when I realized I could change “& More” to “Y Mas” and it would easily be acceptable to the enlightened readers I cultivate.  It’s a fitting tribute and bridge to the embattled workers at Tom Cat Bakery, who are predominantly Hispanic.  Plus I think it allows me to write off my Spring Break trip to Cancun as a continuing education expense in Spanglish.

Anyway, according to The Daily News, the Department of Homeland Security audit at Tom Cat was initially started under the Obama administration.  In following the story, I’ve been wondering all along to what extent this whole clash has been due to immigration versus the less topical, but not atypical, labor/management issues, and am awaiting The New York Times spin on the saga.

//A new barber is coming to 50th Avenue across from the 108th Precinct. Called ‘The Art of the Barber’, its presence is further confirmation of the changeover from non-consumer oriented storefronts to retail.  Ironically, it comes at a time when retail rents are softening considerably in Manhattan, and exemplifies how LIC is swimming against the tide in terms of value creation.

//The Court Square Blog reported this morning that the Elks Lodge on 44th Drive has been completely demolished.  Meanwhile, the Queens Chronicle shares the history of Bodine Castle, a beautiful old home which was demolished in 1966.  It was located on Vernon Boulevard where the Con Ed Learning Center is now, and in addition to the brief Chronicle story, we dug up a post that contains a recent anecdote from someone who lived in LIC when it was still standing, and knew the occupants.

//The Court Square Civic Association’s next community meeting will take place this Thursday, April 6th at 7pm in MoMA PS1.  It will be focused on Business Development and speakers include Patricia Dunphy, SVP of Rockrose, Liz Lusskin the President of LIC Partnership, & John Veenema, owner of The Beast Next Door.


Homeland Security Audit at Tom Cat Bakery Started During Obama AdministrationI kinda wondered if the first immigration smackdown by Trump would be on such a small scale and in a major media center

Elks Lodge Demolition Complete the grand poobah is crying

Bodine Castle and a Century in LIC

More on Bodine Castle incld’g the hot occupant

New Indoor Tennis Facility to Open in LIC“Court 16” from bklyn will have 5 courts near Silvercup Studios

Low Rise Condo Project Draws on LIC’s Pastunits at The Smyth, which will be located in Dutch Kills, will go on sale this summer

The Smyth if the rendering is correct, this really will be a very nice building and completely different than anything built in this neighborhood



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