Is this news?

Is this news?

Welcome to this month’s version of “Is That News LIC?”

Kanga’s Indoor Playcenter opened its doors in LIC this week, is that news?  If you’re a parent of a child aged 2-6 I would say that it is, or will be once the winter begins and you’re cooped up at home in your converted one-bedroom.

If a fire burns on the industrial portion of Borden Avenue on a Saturday night, is that news?  Maybe, but definitely if you’re a firefighter groupie as the most in-depth stories plus full video are only to be found on websites like Firefighternation and

The 7-Train will not be running into Manhattan every weekend in October, is that news?  ABSOLUTELY if you live in LIC!

If Gantry Plaza State Park changes it’s dog laws to allow them on the paths only instead of an outright ban, is that news?  Not if the rules in both cases go unenforced.  You show me a summons, I’ll write it up…

If a 100-person start-up based in LIC is acquired by Walmart is that news?  Yes, especially if you’re plus-sized.

If Trader Joe’s announces it is opening on Jackson Avenue in 2019 is that news?  Yes, and if it really were happening it would merit a headline and we could skip this exercise.

If the only asphalt recycling firm in the nation were based in LIC, is that news?  Yes, and the WSJ wrote an article about the business.

If TF Cornerstone reveals renderings of the open space layout of their 44th Drive project, is that news?  No, it’s a press release silly rabbit.  Additional public access to the waterfront in Long Island City is like snow to the eskimos, sand to the Saudis, new towers to Court Square.

If the former principal of an LIC High School wins a settlement from the city over its treatment of her after revenge-porn pictures of her were shared by a vindictive ex-boyfriend, is that news?  Yes, and it’s justice too, as this woman was railroaded by the DOE after a nightmare of an ordeal that could scarily happen to anyone, and now taxpayers get to pay the bill.

Kanga’s Indoor Playcenter Opens in LICwho’s Kanga?

Four Alarm Fire Raged on Borden Ave Saturday Night about 100 yards east of Fresh Direct

No 7-trains Any Weekend in October – dayenu!

Walmart to Acquire Women’s Plus-sized Clothing Brand Eloquiiheadquartered on Northern Blvd

Recycled Asphalt Company Sees Open Road Aheadbased in LIC

Renderings Show Open Spaced Layout for 44th Drive Projectrote

Former LIC Principal Who Accused City of Revenge Porn Wins SettlementJ’accuse! Non, J’accuse!


3 thoughts on “IS THAT NEWS LIC?

  1. Peter says:

    Trader Joe tease…not cool 🙁

  2. Anonymous says:

    They have been handing out tickets for dogs on paths in the park. I have one.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I would be over the moon giddy if TJ’s opened!!!!!!!

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