New ferries will not be enough

New ferries will not be enough

WHILE the joy of the fireworks and the visions of J.Lo dancing in our heads linger, the underlying stories of the last two weeks focused on the more worrisome topic of unbridled growth and its implications for everyday living.  While I’m very happy to add Frank Bruni to those questioning densification, I can’t help but wonder if even he is enough to halt the mindset of the ‘Brooklyn/Manhattan Growth Intelligentsia‘. While by necessity Bruni will move on to another cause next week1, the latter group’s individuals will only make moves along the government/developer employment axis, both of which are incentivized to keep the tower building going into uncharted (aka rezoned) waters.  Unfortunately ferries can’t ply those waters.

//WAZZUP – this title or some iteration of it will do double duty in containing both updates on old stories or upcoming happenings in town, of which there are a lot this week.  First of all, there will be dancers performing all along the waterfront both Saturday and Sunday as part of the INSITU Dance Festival.  For those who want to do their own dancing, there’s MoMA’s PS1 Warm-up on Saturday starting at 3pm, and finally for those who want to stargaze at something other than J.Lo’s uhh …navel, in the exact same location there will be telescopes available for all to observe the night sky on Friday night starting at 8:30pm

Where Commute is a Four-Letter Word“take a gander at the skylines of Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City. They rise and rise, creating more homes for more people whom the subway can hardly accommodate”

Every NYC Subway Line Is Getting Worse. Here’s Why“The major cause of subway delays is a factor that basically did not exist 15 years ago: overcrowding”

Long Island City Outpaces the Rest of the U.S. in Apartment Constructionfor the period of 2010 until today

Once Stalled LIC Condo, a Decade in the Making, Now Rises182 condos on 25 floors in Queens Plaza, w/ an average asking price of $1.4 million

Checking in on LIC’s 54-story Rental Tower by Rockrosewill be completed by year-end and will bring 790 units to Court Square, one of 40 projects already in the works

INSITU Dance Schedulethis weekend all along the waterfront

Nations Largest 4th of July Fireworks Light Up the East Riveryes they did

J.Lo Strips Down at 4th of July Showone last look at J.Lo, and it’s a beaut!

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