Bypass the brown and orange down the street for a local experience

Bypass the brown and orange down the street for a local experience

WELL it’s not really a profile per se, but The New York Times did dig deep into the zeitgeist of the LIC Corner Cafe in it’s lengthy story ‘Keeping it Local’ about neighborhood-y joints.  In addition there are numerous pics of the cafe and engaging tidbits uncovered about it such as:

-One owner has lived around the corner from the cafe’s location since 1987, the other has lived in the building it’s housed in since 1980, and both raised their children there – ooh, that should make for an interesting conversation/history lesson for patrons

-They have homemade blueberry pie, chocolate chip cookies, and focaccia

-One partner bought her nearby 2-bedroom apartment for $60,000 back in 1994

-The current rent on the space is $1,800 a month

-Julie Powell, the author of “Julie & Julia,” works there part time as a barista

There’s a lot more in the article about the cafe, plus some very useful tips about starting a small local business.  By the end of it you may not want to embark on your own retail endeavour, but you’ll definitely want to check out the LIC Corner Cafe.

//WHILE we’re on the subject of local places of consumption, The Green Street LIC on 47th Road is now officially open.  Judging by the pics on its Facebook page of table-embedded grills surrounded by banchan, our rumor was correct that Long Island City now has it’s first Korean BBQ.   In a typical 21st century upscale outer-boro twist, it’s also organic and serves delicious looking vegan desserts, organic liquors, and breakfast and lunch with a juice menu.  In other words a far cry from the kimchi palaces on 32nd Street where I swilled OB Beer and soju in an anti-social manner as a youth.  맛있다 Mashita!

Keeping it Localcheck out NYT pics of LIC Corner Cafe

Julie & Julia Was Filmed in LIC Toosee locations here

Long Island City Football PreviewFall means high school football in many sections of the country.  Check out the home team on their new field nearby.  Sat @ noon

Mesmerizing Skyspace reopens at MoMA PS1a little fall culture too

NY State to Eliminate Cash Option for Paying Tollsfirst changeover will be at the Midtown Tunnel in January

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