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“If you look at where the good food is in New York, it’s really in Manhattan and Queens, I’m sorry, other boroughs, I’m sorry.”

-Pete Wells, the restaurant critic for The New York Times, from a profile in the New Yorker last week

The Bread Box on 11th Street has closed.  According to a pic sent to us by LICtalk reader Jeremy Swillinger of Level Group, a sign in the window reads:

“Dear customers due to renovations the Bread Box will be closed.  Sorry for the inconvenience we will update you shortly”

Not sure what exactly to make of that, but as we reported a little over a year ago, the lot that it rests upon, as well as the adjacent service station, were put up for sale as a development site.

In other restaurant news, Jeremy shared that construction at The Green Street on 46th Rd. between Vernon and 11th, is progressing.  He also said a worker onsite claims it will be a Korean BBQ.  It’s Facebook page describes it as “Organic, Paleo friendly table side BBQ, organic juice press and organic liquors,” yet it hasn’t been updated since May.  In my mind there’s a disconnect between ‘organic’ and ‘Korean BBQ’ as there’s not one iota of benevolence for a body that ends a night consuming Korean BBQ, nor for a night that starts with it.  I look forward to being proven incorrect in the near future.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Are they repairing the horrible food there?

  2. […] open.  Judging by the pics on its Facebook page of table-embedded grills surrounded by banchan, our rumor was correct that Long Island City now has it’s first Korean BBQ.   In a typical 21st century upscale […]

  3. […] ACCORDING to a large yellow sticker on the front door of The Green Street the property has been seized for non-payment of taxes.  The all-natural Korean Bbq restaurant located on 47th Road between Vernon and 11th Street has only been open for about a year and a half. […]

  4. Personally, the food was decent. I liked the cheesesteak and the breakfast sandwich a lot. They just didn’t seem to get the business. Nice entrance but cinderblock dining room. Nice bathrooms but not well maintained. The smoothies were fresh but tasteless. The temperature was never comfortable. The location and signage were terrible.

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