Fresh powder yes, but don't eat the yellow snow

Fresh powder yes, but don’t eat the yellow snow

Snowday!  Is over – back to school/work.  ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ at the Museum of Moving Image is shut down due to violence.  L’Inizio Pizzeria on Vernon Boulevard is denied a license for back yard drinking according to the LIC Post.  The first two I don’t have anything to add, the latter is really disappointing.  According to the Post, the license was turned down because the owner, Tom Blaze, is accused by a member of Community Board 2, of surreptitiously allowing patrons to drink outside.

Now I have been to L’Inizio numerous times and eaten outside, and when ordering alcohol I have been told in no uncertain terms by staff members not to bring it outside – which I have duly abided.  In fact, during those numerous times, I have mostly had the beautiful back yard to myself, and found it disheartening that it wasn’t being more fully utilized.  I had a pretty good idea as to why – the inability to bring alcohol out there, and always felt it was a shame.

Yet there is one thing that no one who actually lives in LIC can deny – L’Inizio is first and foremost a restaurant, not a bar.  In fact slice shop is probably a better description of the premises, and unlike other restaurants on Vernon Boulevard I’d bet that fewer than .001% of the patrons have ordered more than two drinks there in a sitting …if any have.

So please CB2, it’s 2017 in LIC and time to make an exception.  Please do not divide us.

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