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Oh, I guess it already has been bisected

Oh, I guess it already has been bisected

By waterfront, we’re talking Manhattan’s, and maybe an equally apropos word is skyline.  Yet three big changes are in motion directly across the river for anyone living on Center Boulevard or visiting Gantry/HPS parks.

First of all, Manhattan will get its mirror image to our parks, with the East Midtown Waterfront Project.  This will be a ribbon-like park that will run from 38th Street to 60th Street.  The southern portion will be on terra firma, some of which will be ceded by the UN, and the northern portion will be perched on existing construction pontoons flanking the east side of the FDR.  It won’t be as wide as our parks and will thus forgo the playing fields etc., but it will contain a walking promenade and biking lanes.  Completion time unknown.

The second change will be a Richard Meier designed residential tower on a Continue reading

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