The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright


‘We’re on one side of the river and the millionaires are on the other, but we have the better view.’ Elizabeth McQueen, Queensbridge

Stories about Queensbridge are infrequent here on LICtalk, and positive stories about it are practically nil.  This weekend though, The New York Times wrote a very inspirational profile on Elizabeth McQueen, a former resident of the houses who spent many years nudging politicians and parks employees to refurbish and re-buttress the long-closed esplanade in Queensbridge Park.  Though she passed away in February at the age of 83, she was able to witness her accomplishment with the re-opening of the esplanade in 2014.  In light of all that she did to make it happen, this week it was officially declared “Elizabeth McQueen Way” by the city.

Now I can’t say that you’ll have anything named after you, but other parts of Long Island City are also in need of a few nudgers for a number of very important items that have been overlooked.  One obvious example is a community center – something that could easily be slotted into one of the humongous buildings being contrived for Long Island City.

I’d be very happy to take up the mantle, but I’m a do-nothing writer and occasional machinator, good for a few sonnets and schemas after a glass of chardonnay.

I’m talking about a nudger nonpareil (aka squeaky-wheel).  Someone who’s ready and able to take up causes and see them through to their conclusion (and thus a direct contrast to the correctly maligned whiner).  Who’s ready to be our Elizabeth?

//SummerStage in Queensbridge Park – tomorrow night is the start of a free week of live music at Queenspark.  You’ll be able to check out the newly named esplanade, and hear a diverse group of musical acts.  Click below for the full roster and starting times.

//Last Tuesday evening we had Wild Adriatic rock the Gantries and Center Blvd covering Led Zep’s Communication Breakdown, what might spring forth this week from the various live acts locally on Tuesday  and Thursday?

//A new Mexican restaurant is coming to Queensboro Plaza- Gordo’s Cantina will be occupying the former site of Cheng’s restaurant on 24-11 Queens Plaza North, next to Scandals and just east of QLIC.  This was a former booth at Smorgasburg and they’re hoping to open the second week of August.

//Let’s do the time-warp: this just in, a Hugo Boss commercial/video shot in Plaxall’s headquarters.  Anyone who’s been in the company’s unintentionally retro offices on 46th Road will be shocked at how some buffing and cleverly stylish editing can transform the look and feel of a location.  Mid-century modern never looked so good!

Queens Crusader Turned the Tide For a Crumbling Park and Its Sea Wall“My grandmother did things a lot of people wouldn’t do because they didn’t think it was their job,” Mr. Williams said. “She’s gone. But she’s still winning.”

Fancy Swimming Pools Become The Hot Perk for New Buildingsour community needs a real pool, not the exclusive little postage-stamp party-scene one pictured here on top of QLIC

Queensbridge Park’s Week Long Summerstage Festival free music starts tomorrow night, see schedule here

Gordo’s Cantinacoming soon to Queensboro Plaza

Fall/Winter 2016 From Hugo BOSS Menswearwarning: shocking video

The Hidden Royalty of the Borough of Queens“Queens has pulled off the amazing feat of becoming exciting and different without ever actually becoming hip”

Alicia Napoleon Wins Main Event in Long Island City FightsI gotta get here some day, you too

A Dated Queens Townhouse Transformed Into a Modern Family Homeformer LIC residents transform conventional, bland structure into a great space.  Good ideas and a road map for those looking to replicate it here where we have a lot of similar building stock

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