It's all coming together

It’s all coming together

SATURDAY night I walked down Vernon Boulevard around 9pm and found all of it’s dining and drinking establishments more packed than not – a big change from numerous other strolls I’ve taken along the same path in the past year.  Maybe it was the nice weather, or maybe the fact that it was a weekend night, both of those would augment my belief that the hubbub was more due to outsiders venturing here than locals staying put.  Either way with all the new openings1 and subsequent clustering, Vernon Boulevard seems to have achieved critical mass and become quite the hot spot.  On weekends anyway.  Studio 54 where are you?

LIC Apartment Fire Injures 8, One Criticallyat building on 46th Ave and 11th St last night

Former LIC Principal Sues City For Assisting Ex-Boyfriend in Revenge Porn Scheme too quick to judge?

The Mayor’s Mistaken Attempt to Supersize Buildingsyeah, LIC knows all about this

Two Big Towers Likely To Go Up in LIC Following Air Rights Deal w/ City – mais oui!

Near Potential LIC Rezoning, Fate of Waterfront Draws Concernlack of coordinated planning yields suboptimal results, for the locals anyway

  1. Fifth Hammer, Sweet Chick, Bellwether all packed []


  1. Rd. St. Dr. Ave. says:

    Studio 54? I can’t imagine any place on Vernon that would allow an actual live music venue (outside of a bar with a little band) or dancing. The neighbors won’t allow it. I suspect LIC Bar will probably be forced to stop having their outdoor shows (and maybe indoor) once that building across the street goes up. Fancy restaurants? Sure. Music venues? Not near any fancy peoples or uptight neighbors… and it’s all fancy peoples now. Not as sad as East/West village and the LES, but I’d love to see an actual music venue thrive here. I’d love to win the lottery too. I’d love someone to prove me wrong on this one day.

  2. kiko says:

    Yes I would love to have more live music venues in LIC but i disagree at least in the LES and west village you still have live music. BUt LIC is not really hip is just uptight people who pay a lot of money and any little thing bothers them. BTW whats the place in the photo?

    • Anonymous says:

      photo looks like its sweet chick. And they are busy every time I pass by. Glad they invested in LIC and I hope many great places to follow! Vernon may not have a lot of live music but it is a hot little strip during the warm weather!!

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