Wonka & Hoops, what a weekend!  (Photo & Logo courtesy of Nick Knight)

Wonka & Hoops, what a weekend! (Photo & Logo courtesy of Nick Knight)

WONKA – one word brings back pre-cable memories of multiple viewings.  Why?  Well in addition to the namesake, most of the tertiary characters are legendary (and metaphorical): Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, Slugworth, Oompa-Loompa’s.  So when asked earlier in the week by a single friend about getting out and seeing live music, I responded that sadly my summer entertainment highlight would be watching Willy Wonka at my local park.

Tonight at 8:30pm on the Oval is that night.  Sad?  It depends on the definition1, but with a beer in my hand even that won’t really matter.

//IN addition to Wonka, this is a big weekend in LIC, one definitely worthy of sticking around for.  Saturday and Sunday morning is the 1st Annual LIC Hoops Tourney.  There’s never been anything else like it before in this neighborhood, that’s why it’s the 1st Annual. By 2020 it’ll be as big as the one in Rucker Park, so come on out to the Gantry Plaza State Park courts on 48th Avenue and be a part of history.  “Frazier to Debusschere to Bradley to Reed…”

Plus there are two other notable happenings currently in town.  The New York Times raves about the just-opened Jim Henson Exhibit at The Museum of Moving Image, and an interesting and favorable review of a linguistics exhibit at Flux Factory.

//FERRIES have hit the big time in LIC, or maybe not.  Two conflicting, or maybe contrasting, stories about how crowded the local ferry is, versus how empty the LIRR ferry is.  You can’t win, but you can kayak.

This Time The Muppets Take Queens just like Wonka, this one is for kids and adults

Playing With Words in the Most Linguistically Diverse Place in the Worldat Flux Factory only until July 30

Nearly-Empty LIRR Ferries Are Criss-Crossing the East River Next to Crowded NYC Ferries there must be an arbitrage there, right?

LIC Commuters Fed Up With Crowds On ‘Less Reliable’ East River Ferry Routeand you thought it was going to be a bargain

Watery Weekends With Wondrous Views in LIC the latest on the LIC Boathouse and their free kayaking on the East River

These Neighborhoods Have the Most New Rental Apartments Coming This YearLIC #1 w/ over 50% more than #2

  1. sad//adjective adjective: sad; 1. feeling or showing sorrow; unhappy.  2. pathetically inadequate or unfashionable []
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