Who needs democracy when you have Bierocracy?

Who needs democracy when you have Bierocracy?

OH my, even with no snow there’s been a flurry of local news that’s come to pass in the last week.  To start, as always, is more residential real estate development.  There are five short articles on local slightly-off-the-radar projects – which basically means they’re under 30-stories:

6 flrs/94 units in Dutch Kills

A pair of 7-story buildings totaling 80 units in Dutch Kills

9 flrs/30 units in Queensboro Plaza

23 flrs/117 units in Queens Plaza South

15 flrs/99 units in Queensboro Plaza

While the total # of units of these five projects are fewer than say a single Rockrose tower, and while most of these projects are already accounted for in previous tallies of all the residences being added in LIC, these “infill” developments will hasten the lowering of rents in the neighborhood.  This is not solely because of the additional supply, which we’ve noted is not much in aggregate, but because of the diversity of offerings and the competitive market they’ll create – versus say the three-player oligopoly on Center Boulevard.  But who am I, the owner of a lean-to, to question the rationale of those with the ability to borrow 7-9 figure sums of OPM with zero recourse?

//UNLIKE the majority of Americans, or at least an electoral majority of them, I’m not a big fan of Mac & Cheese.  Despite attempts by many a renowned chef to doctor it up and pass it off as haute cuisine in the 21st century, my continental upbringing (aka semester abroad) inculcated me with DNA that has an aversion to pasta not served al dente, and dairy products whose major feedstock doesn’t come from an animal.

Nevertheless, one of the best things I’ve tasted in the last year comes from the new chef at Bierocracy.  His name is Eric Francou and he previously cooked at one of the few places I still like going to in Williamsburg, Radegast Beer Hall.  Eric’s German Mac & Cheese is made with spaetzel, bacon, spinach, and mushrooms, which when combined with a liter of Schneider Wiesen will be my go-to for the big game next Sunday as I cheer on my hometown team: Lady Gaga.

//IN the meantime, there’s lots going on about town.  Tonight MoMA PS1 stays open until midnight for a special Chinese New Years Celebration.  Happy 4715, and don’t forget, it’s the year of The Rooster!  If that’s not enough twist to your calendar, then tomorrow is Halloween – at least if you’re a kid and you go to the Queens Museum for their January Spooktacular costume party.  There’s also Cacao Sculptures to see, Report Cards to read, Tacos to eat, and Shia Laboeuf!  Who needs the NFL?

//OH wait, one more thing to help ease your imminent withdrawal from pigskin – bowling!  We’ve received word that The Gutter will have a soft-opening in early February.  Yes Virginia, the force is with us.

MoMA PS1’s Night at The MuseumM. Wells serving food n cocktails late too

Spooktacular: Boo York Citytomorrow afternoon at the Queens Museum

5Pointz Tower Reaches 12 Storiesas if 5 buildings is not enough, here’s an update on the 5Pointz site with a reminder that this will add 1000+ apartments about a year from now.

Development ticks up around Queens clock towermore, more, more, how do you like it…

Renderings of 289-Unit Hotel Replacing Western Beef on Northern Boulevard – Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites Combo opening in 2018, but you can let the in-laws know now

Cacao Sculptures at Sculpture Centerstarts this Sunday thru March 27

Popular Mexican Street Food at Gordo’s Cantinareview, now there’s a reason other than convenience to live by the bridge!

Jimmy Van Bramer 2016 Annual Report CardI wish they had self-grading when I was in school

Shia LaBoeuf is Arrested at Anti-Trump Art Show in LICat Museum of Moving image

Installation Coming to Socrates Sculpture Park Will Have a Political Tone – making news and faking news

Cornell Tech Post-Doc Program Turns Engineers Into Shark Tank Winnersoh so that’s what going on on that island in the river

Isamu Noguchi’s Efforts to Improve Life at an Internment Camp“To be hybrid anticipates the future. This is America, the nation of all nationalities.”  nuff said, at the Noguchi Museum until January 2018

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