Little old Dutch Kills is getting a Yotel

Everybody go: Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
You see, if your girl starts acting up, then you take her friend

I loved yodels as a kid, which is what I think of whenever I hear about the hotel chain Yotel.  Or maybe yogurt, or motels, but it’s definitely not mohels.  Or maybe the cool robotic arm they call a concierge that’s visible from the street at its 10th Avenue location.  Hal would be proud.  Or maybe I ask myself ‘Can you shoehorn a family of four into their standard mini-room?’  Anyway yesterday the company announced they’ll be opening their second NYC hotel in LIC.  No location was given but a little snooping indicates it might be 38-65 11th Street just north of the Queensbridge Houses and across from Paretti Hall.  It definitely will contain 178 rooms and a skybar with views of Manhattan.  Who knows, maybe they’ll even leave yodels on the pillow at night?

Yotel Announces Second NYC Location Will Be in LICYQ2, yum!

Durst’s 67-Story Queens Plaza Park Begins Rising1,000 residential units enveloping the Clock Tower

Construction Begins For Xi’an Famous Foods on Jacksonaccording to The Court Square Blog we’ll have to wait until early Spring for Biang

Fresh Direct Site In Contract For $75 Millionor I should say former FD site as they’ve decamped. Property was just purchased in 2016 for $48 mil

Amazon Hires NY PR Firm to Grease Skids for Controversial ProjectI guess they were as surprised as I was about the backlash


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