The 21st century prototypical bodega

The 21st century prototypical bodega

'Lemme get a chopped cheese and onion rings'

‘Lemme get a chopped cheese, onion rings, and extra ketchup’

EVERY morning I awake at the crack of noon to the worry of whether I will find something truly newsworthy to share with the well read citizens of LIC.  Frequently, like many renowned writers, I am forced to conjure something out of an idea: Melville had his whale, Hemingway a marlin, and Benchley a shark.  For The Editor it is a butterfly.

Because today the news gods are smiling on me, as I am happy to announce that E&I Deli on Vernon Boulevard has cast off its chrysalis and metamorphosed (and bifurcated) into a stand alone deli called Nu Look, and a separate market, which happens to retain the old look.  From this day forward, residents of Long Island City will no longer have to wait in line to pay for your turkey club and 40 oz while standing behind someone purchasing tofu, tampax, and Oreos1.  Better yet, you won’t have to trudge back to your home, office, park or sidewalk to consume these items, as they have a seating area on the second floor.  Phew, now there’s a place to go at 3am to wrestle with my nightly bout of writers block.

//I am one bad parent.  I repeatedly drag my kids to local stalwarts such as Bella Via, L’Inizio, and the Corner Bistro, but apparently there is so much more I could be doing for them.  Just today I read in the New York Post about an LIC couple taking their 1-year old to Per Se, Marea, and Noma.  The latter is located in Copenhagen and was widely hailed as the best restaurant in the world by many critics and foodies.  Meanwhile here I am debating in my head whether I can convince my kids to schlep up a flight of stairs to eat grilled cheese and fries at Nu Look tonight.

//THE View has a new $4 million condo for sale.  Actually the price tag is $4.25 mil and it’s been on the market for six weeks but escaped my radar.  One thing that hasn’t though is the uptick in available secondary condo units from the very low base I highlighted only two months ago.  Obviously between the end of year slowdown and the approach of selling season this is to be somewhat expected, but it will be interesting to see if prices can hold up at such lofty levels…

//ON the other hand prices in the Queens office market increased by over 100% in the last 5 years to $762 a square foot according to a press release from Commercial Cafe (PropertyShark).  This contrasts to only a 40% increase in Manhattan over the same time period, yet at an average of $1,347 a square foot, there’s still a considerable gap.

Rich Parents Find a New Unbelievable Way to Spoil Their KidsI wonder if the interviewees realized that this would be the article writers headline?

$4.25 Million Condo Now On Sale at The ViewOpen House Sunday, and if you don’t like this one, there’s one for $5 mil and one for $3mil too

NYC 2016 Office Reportjust like resi, expect things to soften city wide

  1. I am told that pork rinds and 5-hour Energy Drink will be available in both locations []
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  1. Joey says:

    Disappointing, was really hoping I could get a massage upstairs at new place

  2. Anonymous says:

    SUPER EXPENSIVE, they raised all the prices they had when the food was next door. Poor service,and they only want to sell and make sandwiches. WE need a real DELI on VERNON and a REAL DINER.

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