Either you were there, or you weren't

Either you were there, or you weren’t

Recently, I accompanied a group of intrepid explorers from Hunters Point on an expedition to the Riverhead Gentlemen’s Club.  Though this segment of Vernon Boulevard is occasionally traversed in daylight hours, once the sun goes down it’s a no-mans land.  With the Riverhead the sole establishment open for business, its neon temptations act like a beacon for sailors1, wary or not.  Yet despite its proximity, few from the South have ever strayed into this barren wasteland …or at least none have admitted to it. With that as a background and a belly full of grog from a local watering hole, these men set off to see whether they would qualify as gentlemen in the 21st Century.

And what did they find?  Well, the first thing I noticed is that one no longer needs to be attired in top hat and tails to gain entry into this club.  Otherwise, it was exactly what one would expect based on the exterior and the surroundings.  We won’t get into aesthetics. architecturally or other, except to say for the latter that the term Rubenesque was more predominant than not.  But in most ways it was a throwback to another era.  Maybe not a very distant era, but a joint like this has quickly become an anachronism in NYC.  The best way to summarize it is that it’s probably one of the few places like this left where you receive your change in a stack of singles.  I don’t think they even have a credit card machine – so there’s no plastic whatsoever!  In other words, the Riverhead is the last of its breed and a historical treasure, and a movement should form to landmark and preserve it2.

Having stated all that, I’m still not sure whether these local citizens can be deemed gentlemen.  But I do know that they will never be able to unsee what they witnessed at the Riverhead Gentlemen’s Club, and will be reminded of that every time they drive by it’s generically-titled awning.

//This Thursday, December 10, 5pm at the LIC Bar is the annual ‘LIC Holiday Lighting.’  There will be caroling, there will be storytelling, and there will be local politicians doing both.  Be there!

This Saturday, December 12, 4pm is the Annual LIC Holiday Concert to benefit St Jude’s Children’s Hospital – Hunters Point South Auditorium 1-50 51st Avenue, LIC. Suggested donation $10/adult $5/child, all proceeds go to St Jude’s. RSVP name and # in party to [email protected]  ‘Tis the Season!

Campaign to Stop Tolls From Coming to Queensboro Bridge – several Queens  officials held a press conference/protest last week to counter the movement to ‘toll’ the Qnsboro Bridge

Citi Field Getting Rid of Pepsi Signthe Mets have signed a new contract w/ Coke to be served.  Thus the sign has to go

Pensions Fund Nab LIC Site for $20 Million – of all the buildings they coulda chosen to start their direct investing program- industrial building near Queens Blvd

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