UBER'S NYC headquarters on Jackson Ave.

UBER’S NYC headquarters on Jackson Ave.  Get this guy to chauffeur you to Jora

It’s time to pisco everybody!  Jora, the Peruvian Restaurant on 11th Street at the foot of the Pulaski Bridge, has officially opened.  They are currently serving dinner every day of the week starting at 5:30pm.  But as any self-respecting South American knows, who eats dinner before 9?  Thus they will be open until late.

According to the owner, Alejandro Rojas, “We are pretty close to full service, minus a few dessert options.”  More importantly, they have a full liquor license and are standing ready to serve the neighborhood much needed (and deserved) alcoholic beverages.  Because as anyone with four kids and three wives knows, sometimes beer and wine doesn’t cut it.

Not only is the long wait for Jora finally over, but UBER, the ride-sharing service whose NYC headquarters is here in LIC, is offering a hometown special to mitigate the G-train suspension:  get one free ride anywhere between Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint and Court Square until August 31.  Check out the link below.

No G-train, No Worriesfree Uber transfer

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  1. Queensie says:

    Long overdue, I thought that place would never open!

  2. Yo says:

    Capybara anyone?

  3. LICmom says:

    I felt terrible for the owners as they paid rent for over a year, maybe closer to two, without opening. Glad to hear they were able to see it through.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Not bad but not amazing either. Needs some work. I know they just opened but lots of hiccups. I suggest you stay away from the soups until they figure them out. Took 2 hours or so for dinner. They are very very very slowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  5. Amadeo Plaza says:

    The seafood soup we had happened to be very good. But yes slow as molasses. And one of the servers — the younger guy — was see I fly disinterested in helping us with simple things if it didn’t fall within his strict realm of responsibilities. Want a menu? Sure. Want some chips? Sure. Need to get a $20 bill broken? Can’t help you. Talk to the other guy.

  6. mike says:

    just another lame mediocre restaurant for lic

    why is every business that opens in this area so lame?

    there are some places don’t get me wrong but so many of the new places
    are very amateurish

  7. Anon says:

    This is the kind of food best served in some hole in the wall, a food cart, or in a neighborhood filled with Peruvian immigrants, not in a tarted up place in a yuppie neighborhood. That’s the problem with LIC. Like all boom towns, it lacks authenticity . So don’t be surprised if the cerviche or pad thai or whatever sucks.

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