One last chance

One last chance

The subways are a little less packed this week and my head’s a little bit foggier than usual, two signs that Christmas is near.  While there are so many things we’d like to see in the neighborhood, most of them are out of our control and simply a function of capitalism weaving its way.  Furthermore, we’re pretty darn lucky given the bounty that we already do have.

Nevertheless, there is one serious void in Long Island City that makes this neighborhood subpar: a Rec Center with a pool.

This item is not an amenity, it’s a necessity.  Almost every other neighborhood in NYC has one, from Riverdale to the Rockaways, from Hunts Point to Battery Park City. (BPC! BPC! Which has not one, not two, but three!)1

The LIC YMCA qualifies as such in name only.  It’s in a poor location to be accessed regularly by most residents of LIC – and proximity is the key to success for local usage.

Even more galling, the creators of Queens West recognized this need, and included it in the master plan drawn up in the 1990’s.  Likewise, the architects of Citylights – the first tower built in Hunters Point – specifically omitted including a pool for the tower, despite it’s having a large footprint that could easily have accommodated one, based on this master plan.  Yet somewhere along the way the plan was compromised.

Now it’s time to make it right.  For the current generation, there really seems to be only one location where it can be situated in a timely manner.  Here’s hoping that despite the many requests made of Santa Van Bramer and other local politicians, they come to recognize the one that is of utmost importance …yet slipping away.

//pokeLICious the latest.  Oh, we’re not going to make it that easy, you’ll have to go to the LICtalk Facebook page to see.

Queens West Original Master Plan – see footnote 8 for the “Community Center with swimming pool.  Looks like it was supposed to be where the library is.

The Origins of the Citylights Building“Along with the early learning center the building will have a health club for residents, complete with two tennis courts on the deck of the garage (but no swimming pool, since a large public pool is planned for the Queens West complex).”

More Active Play Equals Better Thinking Skills for Kids – “As schools cut down on physical education and recess, kids are spending more time than ever in a desk. And while nerdy second-graders like me didn’t ever consider arguing for more gym, there’s increasing evidence that being active helps not just children’s waistlines but their brains.”

2013 Xmas Wish List to Santa Van Bramerhey there are 8 nights of Hanukkah, and we asked for only 4 things

Revealed: Warehouse to Office Conversion on 46th Rd. next to Communiteaa v modern update to a grungy block

Facade Work Begins on The Jackson Condosthe latest on this hi-end building

Queens Parents Fight to Guarantee Spots at Gifted & Talented Middle Schoolsofficials considering no longer guaranteeing spots to kids in G&T elementary schools

  1. This despite having similar amenity-filled towers like those in LIC []
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  1. Ro says:

    A committee should be formed for this. “Friends of LIC Community Center”?

  2. Have you ever been to the YMCA? It is full all day, accessed by a large part of the community that doesn’t live in high rises by the water, all of which have gyms in them (and are woefully underused from what I hear). So you recommend moving the YMCA to a location that is several minutes walk from the 7 rather than keeping it right at the 33rd Street stop? To accommodate whom? LIC is the larger community, not just Center Boulevard, a street naming that is remarkably arrogant.

    A community center is a good idea but leave the YMCA where it is.

  3. sarah says:

    I would love a rec center in Hunters Point! I don’t live in a high rise; I’m on Vernon in an older apartment which means I’m nowhere close to that LIC YMCA. The closest place I can use gym equipment is either Manhattan or Greenpoint and I would love a place to go swimming in the summer.

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