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A Horrible Day For Long Island City

Amazon has canceled its plans to build HQ2 in Long Island City.

Why?  From the press release: Continue reading

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Behold, 5Pointz and its 1000+ residences rising in the east

On behalf of all the people who have assembled here
I would merely like to mention if I may
That our unanimous attitude
Is one of lasting gratitude
For what our friend has done for us today
And therefore I would simply like to say Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me
I may sound Double-Dutch
But my delight is such
I feel as if a losing war’s been won for me

GIVEN that we’re almost done with 2018 and the S&P 500 is nearly flat this year1, I’m going to keep my Christmas wish list modest, unlike in years past.  In fact there’s only one item: renovate the pair of tattered basketball courts in Murray Park.

Repave, reline, replace current backboards with fiberglass ones that jut out another 1-2 feet from the fence to create a baseline that’s not abutting it  That’s all, very simple and shoudn’t be expensive.

Currently they are in such a state of disrepair they Continue reading

  1. +/-2% on any given day []
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LICtalk is having some technical difficulties this week, but rest assured that we have our 40-person programming team in Bangalore working 24/7 to fix it. As a hard-hitting (but non-partisan) news source, we get more than our fair share of hacking attacks from all over the world. Nevertheless we’re still able to spread the word from our secure backup location in Parsipanny, just no pics.

Some big LIC headlines out from The Daily News in the last 48 hours: JVB won’t take developers cash in his run for Queens Borough President, Cuomo would change name of Newtown Creek to Amazon if they choose to locate HQ2 in LIC.

Also comes the story of a dominatrix working out of an LIC hotel who got robbed of her cash and wares. See the video, maybe you know one of these gentlemen? Definitely going to get a lot of clicks given the subject matter.

//TROJAN horse? Crain’s speculates the rationale behind the $180 mil going to LIC is possibly a set-up for a big zoning variance. That would explain the intricate website LIC.NYC the city put together.

//THE ferry stop at Hunters Point South has re-opened

//DANCING With the LIC Stars is tomorrow night at the Plaxall Gallery, buy tickets here.

//FINALLY, the NYC Marathon is this Sunday and Long Island City is blessed with its (omni)presence.

Van Bramer Pledges Not to Take Real Estate Cash in Likely Queens Borough President Run – no dinero por favor

Cuomo Ready to Name LIC Creek the Amazon River for HQ2 – sure, why not

City to Invest $180 Mil in LIC Infrastructure – may presage upzoning

Group of Men Break Into LIC Hotel Room, Rob Dominatrix – they got more than they bargained for, $4k worth

All Aboard Again at Hunters Point South – read why it closed in the first place

Thousands of Queensbridge Residents W/O Heat As Winter Nears – raze…

Chinese Firm Takes 70% Stake in $253 Mil Condo Project – for $67 mil

NYC Marathon Chief Takes Measure of a Long Journey – w/ a stop at Sweetleaf

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El Malecon

El Malecon

Wish, I was back on the bayou
Rollin’ with some Cajun Queen
Wishin’ I were a fast freight train
Just a chooglin’ on down to New Orleans

IT wasn’t the wind and rain that made Hurricane Sandy so destructive to LIC and NYC, but the unusual surge of the coastal waters, which in our case meant the East River. In a small redux, we got a taste of that yesterday around 11am in Gantry Park per the photo above.  Unlike Sandy, this flooding occurred when the moon phase was not full, which traditionally causes higher tides.  Not to be alarmist, but you may want to get the rafts ready, or at least the skim boards.

//NEW music school opening in Long Island City. Continue reading

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New leadership on the horizon?

New leadership on the horizon?

Don’t know why
There’s no sun up in the sky
Stormy weather
Since my man and I ain’t together
Keeps rainin’ all the time

Just when you thought her hour and 15 minutes of fame were over, Stephanie Clifford storms back into the limelight by announcing she will be seeking the City Council seat in District 26 currently held by Jimmy Van Bramer when he’s forced to leave in 2020 due to term limits.

While she currently has no affiliation with Long Island City whatsoever, like every resident she recognizes the opportunity and high visibility of being directly across from the heart of Manhattan.  “Since TF Avalon is currently offering 3 months free rent on every lease, it’s so much more affordable on this side of the river.  Plus I hear you can pay-in-kind.”  In addition, Continue reading

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Long Island City's Taj Mahal

Will Long Island City’s Taj Mahal be an oxymoron?

The nearly completed Hunters Point Library along the waterfront in Long Island City will be re-christened in honor of Queens most famous native son.  The Queens Library has announced that the new building will be given the name ‘Trump Library’ when it is finished later this year, and that barring any unforeseen circumstances the president will be in attendance for the grand opening and naming ceremony in September.

When asked about the honor last night at a press conference, Trump responded that he was very gratified Continue reading

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One last chance

One last chance

The subways are a little less packed this week and my head’s a little bit foggier than usual, two signs that Christmas is near.  While there are so many things we’d like to see in the neighborhood, most of them are out of our control and simply a function of capitalism weaving its way.  Furthermore, we’re pretty darn lucky given the bounty that we already do have.

Nevertheless, there is one serious void in Long Island City that makes this neighborhood subpar: Continue reading

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All the world's indeed a stage, as they look into our gilded cage

All the world’s indeed a stage, as they look into our gilded cage

Isn’t she lovely
Isn’t she wonderful
Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old

Well Stevie, it’s going to take another year, but the Hunters Point Library has topped out and it looks nothing short of fantastic!  No less an authority than The New York Times states that “…no one will overlook it” in a just-published in-depth article about the library.

The article delves into the long-ago origin of the building, familiar to many older residents of LIC, and shares the latest with a walk-through the author took earlier this week.  Read it and be up-to-date on what Dennis Walcott accurately describes as “the pride of the borough of Queens.”  Now that it’s almost arrived, there is no doubt that it’s existence will be truly monumental for Long Island City.

//Eckstein Development is offering two months of free rent Continue reading

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