While all around me frolicked, I was in the hot seat

While all around me frolicked, I was in the hot seat

Twas not the snow that kept me buried and quiet this week, it was an interview request.  No green room for me, these days it’s all done electronically.  So I put on my Beats – Beethoven’s 9th1 – put all else aside, and set to work composing an opus of my own.  Sometime in the future, I hope the profile and the wisdom imparted in it will be viewed in the same manner that many investors revere and quote from Reminiscence’s of a Stock Operator.  More likely it’s insights will immediately be put on the discount rack next to The Art of the Deal.

Nevertheless, my attorneys at Cellino & Barnes negotiated a tough deal with the publisher: limited editing and a dozen Dunkin Donuts.  So I was able to prattle on and on and…  With that I give you the definitive Long Island City:

Confessions of a Neighborhood Bloggerstarring yours truly

Mayor Wants New Schools in LIC & Woodside, but Concerns Remainnothing definitive about this

A Chorus Line Kicks Off in Long Island City Tonightstarring, well, not me, but at the Secret Theatre for the next three weeks.  Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch…Again!

A Look Inside at the New Amerigo Restaurant on 21st Streetnear Murray Park

Polo Ralph Lauren Stitches Up 19k Square Feet for Studio in LIC’s The Factoryyeah, Ralph and I go way back, and I told him…

  1. come on movie fans, what’s the reference? []


  1. Anna S says:

    Nice interview!
    FYI – you might have already heard of this – but there is a new Korean place in the neighborhood. Judging form the address, I think it’s doing a pop-up thing in Bricktown, similar to Mu Ramen. But they deliver on Seamless! KSFS (Korean Style Fried Chicken). Gave them a try, and thought they were quite tasty!

  2. Dan says:

    Great Summary

    As someone who is debating raising a family in LIC, I wondered what you thought of buying versus renting in the area when you don’t have $2 million to spend….My thought is rents will go down the next 3-5 years as they build up downtown a lot more. Those rents ($3500-$5000 for 2 bedrooms) will be much cheaper than buying a 2 bedroom in the city. But the issue becomes when larger space is needed (3 bed plus) and if there are options available. What are your thoughts on buying versus renting in LIC now and the near term?

  3. S Nemeth says:

    Sweet interview about a sweet neighborhood.

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