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Get a room Kyrie

Get a room Kyrie

A 385-room 15-story hotel has been proposed at a location two blocks east of the Ravenswood Generating Plant, aka Big Continue reading

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Patrick Carrajat

Patrick Carrajat – just sitting in

EVER the contrarian, LICtalk has decided to buck the trend and forgo ‘fake’ news this week …for the first time in it’s history, to bring you some original content.

BORN in Ireland and raised on West 125th Street, Patrick Carrajat first made his way to Long Island City in 1970 when he moved one of his elevator businesses here.  Eight years later he would also make it his home, securing a 10-year lease on a 2,000+ square foot loft-like apartment above what is now Laundry City, on 48th Avenue just east of Vernon Blvd.  He used his skills to build it out in a manner that would optimize the main residential goal of every single male heterosexual: Continue reading

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While all around me frolicked, I was in the hot seat

While all around me frolicked, I was in the hot seat

Twas not the snow that kept me buried and quiet this week, it was an interview request.  No green room for me, these days it’s all done electronically.  So I put on my Beats – Beethoven’s 9th1 – put all else aside, and set to work composing an opus of my own.  Sometime in the future, I hope the profile and the wisdom imparted in it will be viewed in the same manner that many investors revere and quote from Reminiscence’s of a Stock Operator.  More likely it’s insights will immediately be put on the discount rack next to The Art of the Deal.

Nevertheless, my attorneys at Cellino & Barnes negotiated a tough deal with the publisher: limited editing and a dozen Dunkin Donuts.  So I was able to prattle on and on and…  With that I give you the definitive Long Island City: Continue reading

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The Doctor to you, Moitri to me

“Star Wars” starring Dr. Moitri Savard

Did you know there’s a doctor that both works and lives in Long Island City?  Dr. Moitri Savard is a family doctor specializing in adult, pediatric, and gynecological care; and the founder of QueensWest Health & Wellness Center on 50th Avenue.  Though she started practicing here in 2006, she took over the whole space in 2009, and the Center is now comprised of eight individuals specializing in things such as physical therapy, nutrition, and acupuncture.   Dr. Savard shares the family medicine duties with her former roommate from medical school, Dr. Suzanne Cole, and the practice is affiliated with New York Presbyterian/Cornell in Manhattan, and Mt. Sinai Queens out here.  In addition, because they utilize Ideal Medical Practices,  the two doctors can spend more time with each of their patients.

You can read all about how Dr. Savard, or Moitri to most people in LIC, came to our ‘hood, in the story below(see link).  As her family was featured in the NYT’s “The Hunt” real estate column shortly after they moved here.  But her fifteen minutes of fame and busy medical practice aside, what might be most interesting to readers of LICtalk, is that Moitri is on Community Board 2.  Now that 5Pointz is over with, she told us about other current issues facing the ‘hood.

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