The changing face of LIC

The changing face of LIC

46th Road between Vernon Boulevard and 11th Street is the embodiment of a side street in Long Island City.  One side of the street is all industrial: Queens Import Motors, DMP Taxi Parts, AVA Performance Auto Repairs, Empire City Ironworks.  The other side of the street is a complete mishmash of residential housing  Beginning at Vernon you have cookie cutter vinyl and brick sided two family homes, followed by a six story roughly 50-unit building built in the last decade, followed by the beautifully renovated formerly non-descript home above, which is sandwiched between another four-story modern-looking finger building1, followed by a cluster of small, two-story, single family, Victorianesque homes, that are cute but could use a little work.

Most notable, is the residence in the picture above.  It typifies what has been happening with great frequency in the neighborhood in the last 18 months.  Gut renovations of what had previously been fairly mundane housing stock.  This one I find especially well done.  Also interesting is the willingness of the buyer/renovator to ignore the other side of the street.  Oh well, if you want all-encompassing beauty then move to Park Slope.  If you want convenience to midtown at a humongous discount to Manhattan, then LIC is your place.  Car repair and all.

Google View of 46th Roadswivel to see the both sides of the whole street, and the way the home above used to look.

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