Enter stage left

Enter stage left

I’m a pretty low-brow guy, possibly even lower than avid readers might realize.  If given the choice between Playboy or Hustler at the barber shop, I gravitate towards the literary fare of the latter.  So it was with great surprise that I thoroughly came to enjoy a free Shakespeare play put on in Gantry Park last summer.  With the city as a backdrop, there’s nothing better on a beautiful night.  The fact that the actors were wonderful was an added bonus, and they have a “prepping” for kids 1/2 an hour before showtime that had them enraptured with the full show.  Produced by Hip to Hip Theater Company, the first show is Two Gentlemen of Verona on Saturday, August 2 at 7:30pm on the field at Gantry State Park.  The second is Cymbeline and takes place the following Saturday, August 9 also on the field at 7:30pm.   So make like the bard and grab a six-pack and a churchill, and settle in for a great night.

Ok, let’s get back to crude, capitalistic, down ‘n dirty real estate deals.  Earlier in the week I get an email from a PR firm letting me know that The Millstone, a 14-unit condo building by Queens Plaza, is over 50% sold (actually over 2/3 by my reckoning, 10/14).  Given the small sample, not a solid data point on its own. Then I read a story that another 14-unit condo near Queens Plaza, The Madison, is 30% sold in less than a month.  A trend, methinks!

Hip to Hip Theater Company Announces 2014 Seasonall the details on the two productions

Even More LIC Condos Debut, Get Snapped Upand they’re not giving them away

LIC Residents Launch Hyperlocal Site Called “Tenant King”“We are like Craigslist, without all the Craigslist randomness,” said CEO, Mihkel Noormagi, a Hunters Point resident

LIC Strip Club Loses Latest Bid for Liquor Licensethis is where the Shakespeare after-party is held, or mine anyway

One Hour Grocery Delivery Now Available on the Cheap in LICCostco, Key Foods, etc.

Architect Files Construction Plans for 5Pointzsee the drawings here


  1. […] FREE Shakespeare!  No it’s not a protest movement, but literally a free fully-casted play on the waterfront.  Two actually, no make that four if you count identical shows the following night at Socrates Sculpture Park.  This Saturday and Sunday and next, at 7pm on Saturday at the field on Gantry Plaza State Park and 5pm on Sunday at Socrates, the Hip-to-Hip Theatre Company will perform Measure For Measure and Henry IV.  Check the schedule below for full information and here are my earlier thoughts on this great program. […]

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