The Wall of Fortune and its spooky colors

The Wall of Fortune and its spooky colors

“I will show you fear in a handful of dust”

THOUGH it comes on the very last day of the month, as any parent knows, Halloween dominates October.  Equally all-consuming and frequently changing up to the last moment, is the decision as to what a child shall ‘be’ for the holiday.  Fortunately, this year’s hot costume is a classic: The Clown.

Yes, clowns are the ‘in’ thing in ’16, and unlike most trends that start in major media centers like Southern Cal or NYC, this one reverses the tide and appears to have simultaneously been hatched in numerous trailer parks and other locales with high methamphetamine usage.

Everybody loves clowns, right?  So get in on this mania early, because by next year this costume could be all played out as it hits the mainstream in Tribeca and the UES.  By then sporting clown attire along Vernon Boulevard will mark your child as ‘unfashionable’ – and possibly psycho.  Ipso facto, Donald Trump costumes are very big this year too.

//FEAR not, because there will be no shortage of events celebrating Halloween in 2016.  The biggest one being the annual kids parade.  Though the details are still being worked out, the one thing I hear is that it will occur on Sunday, October 30th. Also of note is the annual MoMA PS1 Halloween Ball, and “this year’s timely theme is The White House of Horror and features live performances, DJs, dancing, and the most artistic costumes in town.”  Here’s our previous take on it, and at $20 it’s a bargain. BYOH

//I CANNOT think of a better intro to the Halloween spirit(s), then this weekends adaptation of T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland being presented by the Threadbare Theatre Workshop.  It’s occurring this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 14-16, at 6pm in a very apropos venue: The Smiling Hogshead Ranch.  Best of all, the spirits are with us and it will be performed under a full moon.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.

Thank goodness for the month-long Halloween slog, without it I’d have nothing to write about this week.

5th Annual MoMA PS1 Halloween Ballthe antithesis of the kids parade

Queens Beer Festival: NYC Brews You Need to Trynot to be confused w/ Queens Beer Week, this Sat/Sun at the LIC Flea

The LOT Festthis Saturday, October 15, at The Lot on Crescent in the heart of Court Square (43-29 Crescent) from noon – 5pm.

Re Pub LIC Tavern on 50th Ave Closesas uncovered first in The Court Square Blog – where other local newsies get their ledes …when they’re not getting them from LICtalk

Top 50 Most Expensive NYC NeighborhoodsHunters Point ranks second in Queens, and is more expensive than Wmsbg

Queensboro Dance Festival Celebrates a Thriving Artistic Communitynext Tues-Sun at the Secret Theatre

One Tube of the Midtown Tunnel To Be Closed Indefinitely on Weekends, MTA Saysindefinitely? To accelerate repairs needed from Sandy

Queens Food Tours: Flavors of LICall very familiar to locals

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Where would LIC Post be if they weren’t ripping off LIC Talk and TCSB???

  2. Leonard Bast says:

    Does LIC Talk or TCSB quote T.S. Eliot?

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